The conversion of rental properties in partly illegal commercial apartments is more widespread than thought in German cities. This shows a study of housing offers on the Internet platform of Airbnb, which commissioned by the business magazine "Capital". Thus nearly 6000 apartments on Airbnb are rented alone in the popular neighbourhood Berlin permanently as apartments, although they actually only transitional should be sublet according to official Airbnb offer to tourists. Each well over 1000 comparable offers is found also in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. The new figures are volatile, the market applies to apartments for rent in the centers of German cities but already as tense. In the popular areas of Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, the price per square meter for new leases are drastically increased in recent years in part. As well, many apartments do not regular long-term tenants, rather than tourists are rented but in Berlin because the rental income are so much higher. . You can click this to discover more about this interesting subject.

Venice – now the new film by Fatih Akin is still great festival honours: how the management of the Venice Film Festival announced on Thursday morning, will be in the competition at the Festival to see the cut. In addition to Abbas, among other things also, Abel Ferrara, Roy Anderson, David Gordon Green, and Joshua Oppenheimer will go in the race to the Golden Lion. Oppenheimer is the look of silence, after the Oscar-nominated film the Act of killing, show his second documentary work about the Indonesian mass murders of the 1960s. Ferrara’s latest work should be awaited with special after his ambiguous recorded film about the Strauss-Kahn scandal at the Lido: in Pasolini adopts Ferrara of the last days in the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini. The legendary Italian Director is played by Willem Dafoe. Fatih Akin will present the conclusion of his love, death and hell trilogy with the cut. The main role takes over shooting star Tahar Rahim (Le Passé), however his part without text should be. Originally, the cut was a candidate for competition of Cannes. Just before where the program should be announced, moved to miss his akin, as they experienced last many German directors in Cannes but back – probably to the humiliation of an official rejection. While the German cinema with Abass in Venice will be represented, France and the United States have a strong presence in the competition comprising a total of 19 films can look forward: France inter alia with Xavier Beauvois, Alix Delaporte and David oil hope there is. By Oppenheimer and green comes from the United States in addition to the new movies is still the opening film Birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance) by Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu, as well as works by Andrew Niccol and Ramin Bahrani. A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence, Roy Andersson (Sweden, Germany et al.) Birdman or the look of silence, Joshua Oppenheimer (the unexpected virtue of ignorance), Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (United States) (Denmark, Finland et al.). You must read this to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

Kevin S̩raphin, inside of the Washington Wizards, will not participate in the world of basketball in Spain Cup (August 30 РSeptember 14) with the France, his club considering it was not sufficiently furnished of an Arthroscopy to a knee, announced Thursday the French Federation. Following the medical visit, the staff of the Wizards (NBA) has estimated that the player n? was not sufficiently recovered from his knee Arthroscopy in order to make the preparation for the World Cup with the France. The player has expressed its extreme disappointment of this forced package, said the BBFF in a release. S̩raphin (age 24, 2.06 m, 37. salt) was part of the screening of sixteen players summoned for the preparation for the World Cup. The group will be reduced to 12 players for the competition in Spain. It is a new blow to the Blues, reigning European champions, already private in the domestic sector of the Alexis Ajin̤a pivot, who gave up the competition to devote himself to his future paternity. These packages are in addition to those cheerleader star Tony Parker and inside Joakim Noah, who had already given up on the Euro in 2013. C? is a new package that hits l? France team. We need to face and find solutions quickly in order not to penalise the group which began the preparation with a lot of? enthusiasm and serious, said coach Vincent Collet, which reflects the replacement of the pivot of the Wizards. The France team has begun preparing Monday. She will play nine friendly matches by the World Cup. The first will take place Wednesday next to Rouen to the Belgium. . You should check the following to read more about this great matter.

«Inspired by what is happening in New York, London or Madrid, the Ministry of Culture is considering the daily opening of major institutions such as the Louvre, Orsay and Versailles Castle. The experience proved to pay in Madrid and New York", announces the daily. The crowd of tourists is more and more compact – 9.2 million visitors to the Louvre in 2013, 3.5 million in Orsay and 7 million at Versailles – and subsidies continue to slim down, Manager Figaro. In London, all major museums – British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain – open seven days a week. In Madrid, the Prado welcomes visitors throughout the week from November 2011. In New York, large institutions have jumped the step last year. The Museum of modern art (MoMA) has doubled the number of its visitors (from 1.5 million to 3 million) since its renovation in 2004 and has thus waived its closing Tuesday. Displaying a number of visitors to 6.28 million, the Metropolitan in New York he has jumped on the bandwagon. About the Museum of natural history, it closes now more that two days per year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, details the log. . For extended facts regarding this matter click fact.

The finding is one of the great riddles of the climate research: even though the Earth is getting warmer, year after year is formed more sea ice around Antarctica – in contrast to the region around the North Pole, where the ice with rapid speed is vanishing. But now it has become: satellite data, on which the finding is based, evaluated may be wrong. A part of ice growing in the Antarctic could simply be a parse error, argues a three team headed by Ian Eisenman of the University of California in San Diego in the journal of the Cryosphere. That touched a sensitive point of climate research. The rate of sea ice around Antarctica increased, seemed to be grown by leaps and bounds last. So even the youngest published in 2013 report, IPCC World Climate Council noted it. Accordingly, scientists with zeal have developed explanations for the growth of sea ice in the Antarctic. These fit together but never really with global climate models. Most computer simulations predict an Antarctica, where the ice melts in the high North. But now an error is suspected. This is probably an algorithm called bootstrap, developed in 1992 by the NASA researcher Josefino Comiso. Bootstrap is a code that the researchers from satellite data to calculate the extent of sea ice. 2007, Comiso has renewed the algorithm. The study, now published by Eisenman team suggests that either in the old or the new version of the bootstrap is a mistake. Anyway, a significantly accelerated growth in ice shows in Antarctica since the 2007 update. Now thats physics or an artifact of the software? The sea ice expert Dirk Notz says it’s already relatively irritating that at such an important record not greater quality control has taken place, from the Max Planck Institute for meteorology. He had always assumed that one could rely on this data. Now also another explanation is possible: the rapid increase in the extent of sea ice does not exist, and the results laid down in the recent IPCC report are based on a software bug that snuck in bootstrap 2007. Eisenman team makes strong for this interpretation. But the bootstrap programmer contradicts vehemently Comiso: because, that sea ice in the Antarctic greatly expands, nothing change itself. In the old version of his algorithm, there had been a mistake, he communicated on request. He got 2008 noted the correction in a publication. This denies Eisenman team, and also for other climate researchers, the message of an error in the bootstrap is surprising. Josefino Comiso but support by the Max-Planck meteorologist gets one point. They have conducted their own analysis of satellite data on the occasion of the unveiling of Eisenman and come to a similar conclusion as invoices based on the current version of the bootstrap. To the fact that the ice slightly expands, we come not, says Naidu. As little as it, that most climate models do not predict it. For the growth of ice in Antarctica there is need for clarification so. As well as for the questionable quality climate data. . Inspirational source can be read visiting the following url.

These two facts quite clearly indicate that an end to the flag pole is not yet reached. Moreover, the general economic situation, which looks positive bottom line in Germany. The company write black numbers. Even if itself should reduce some of the average profit growth of German companies, still a growth is recorded. Also the order situation is still satisfactory, although she formed back last bit. Finally, the unemployment rate close to full employment, which benefits primarily domestic consumption moves. Disturbing only the stress of the economy by the recently approved minimum wage. Here threaten billions in additional costs. Germany is an export nation. An increasingly important part of our customer comes out in so-called emerging markets, which are still among the strongest growing economies. Seen continuously expands the sales potential for German companies. Especially since the population explosion and so are connected not to stop the growth of demand. To put on more gains on the Dax, especially fund solutions for reasons of diversification. There are a number of actively managed and focused on Germany products that clearly clearly the index. This includes, for example, the FPM stock Germany all CAP (WKN 603328). Over the term of a year, the Fund ran better than the Dax around seven percent. During this period, the main first Germany Fund (WKN A0RAJN) scored even one about 18 percent better appreciation. The cost for active fund management are more than paying off. . You should read the following to learn more about this amazing subject.

The outcome of a compromise between d put s and s senators, a t vot by Socialists, RDSE (majority PRG), the environmentalists and the IDU – UC, but rejection by the Communists and the UMP. This package of measures aims put fine s current separation between network RRIF of France (RFF) and SNCF, which translates the surco ts and s difficult coordinate the railway works. It cr e a railway public group, which will consist of a public establishment of t te m re (the future SNCF) and two institutions girls: the infrastructure manager (SNCF R bucket) and the operator (SNCF mobility s). After the collision the week last between a TER and TGV making 40 bless s Denguin (Pyr n es-Atlantiques), and the accident between a minibus and a weight heavy Tuesday that killed six people in the dawn, o he had to go, Mr Cuvillier a affirm that internal security was to be the priority of transport and that this Act was a chance in this sense. This form r however did not unanimously. Two unions, SUD-Rail and the CGT-Cheminots, have appeal gr ve in Jul for r claim the resumption of the debt of RFF by the State and the creation of a single public company cr. This gr ve d e cid against the opinion of two other unions (CFDT and Unsa), has doubtlessly traffic during pr s in two weeks. � . Main facts may be read clicking the following home page.

You can see pictures of these concerts today, the four musicians and their three companions on bass, drums and percussion, surrounded by tens of thousands of fans in huge arenas, you get an impression of the enormous popularity of this folk rock supergroup. Neil Young and Stephen Stills were made famous in Buffalo Springfield, Graham Nash at the British Beatles rivals of the Hollies, David Crosby with The Byrds. Together, they had in 1969 put a legendary appearance at Woodstock and then published a plate with déjà vu is up today all leaderboards. Three hours and the concerts lasted longer, and they contain all the important songs of the band history in glowing-electric or even slimmed down acoustic versions – of helpless about almost cut my hair, and teach your children to our House and Ohio. But also many solo pieces were, and especially that of Neil Young jutted out: on the beach, don’t be denied or old man were celebrated in fantastic live versions. The quality of interaction, the pure joy of playing common music and the vocal performances are breathtaking – they would have been ready. . For more insights regarding this matter read website.

A few tens of meters from the park where the Festival there is the circuit where Senna died and where until 10 years ago all over the world, for three days, pointed to the headlights. Then the Formula 1 went, and that was just one of the signs of an economic crisis that in this first stretch of Romagna is now reaching its peak. The Cesi, the largest building in the area cooperative, worker-members and 403 a 1125 enterprises, armature is in administrative compulsory liquidation decided by economic development Minister Federica Guidi. If there is a failure is something very similar: for the future is just unemployment. For this reason, Monday, July 21, occurred in a hundred at the closing night of the Festa de l ‘ Unità town to meet Julian Poletti, Minister of labour. He, imolese, for years the head of the League of cooperatives, many of those workers knew them personally. There was a whistle, not a complaint against him. For now, the workers want to trust their countryman. That much but could not promise: "In these five years in the construction industry have closed 13 thousand enterprises and 500,000 people have lost their jobs. This is a market that has collapsed of 50 percent, "the Minister explained to the workers. "We must work because there are social shock absorbers that protect the income of these workers, but we must try to imagine even more responses". Here the Cesi is how Fiat once in Turin. Anyone who has a relative who works there. Many of the houses built in the town, and all around until Bologna, bear the mark of the coop red. The news came at the end of June, and after the presentation by a creditor in a bankruptcy court in Bologna the crisis was poised to strike on the construction giant, has left all of Saba. Then came the clearance by the Ministry is the nightmare became reality. "We haven’t yet figured out either us what happened. Surely there were bad investments in the wrong, however may not be all there ", says Maria, from 30 years in the Cesi. "The crisis has come from one day to the next, but in a very short time. Before employees began with solidarity contracts in September last year. It did not seem a problem so big, but something fixable in some way, with a little bit of shock absorbers. It envisaged a maximum reduction of staff saw the construction sector crisis ". But then came the crac. When Daniele, from 40 years in the Cesi, takes the word from the stage, with Parmar there standing just a few feet, many in the audience cry. In this land of people used to roll up your sleeves and do for themselves, hope now comes from Rome: "next Wednesday, July 23 will take place at the Ministry of labour the examination for the grant of the extraordinary layoff for 12 months. We are confident that the Ministry has the knowledge that without this disastrous scenario would open ". Many have already taken to look for another job. Maybe out of Italy because here, once a land of immigration "is not nothing left". Antonio, from 24 years in business until 8 July was a crane operator. Now he’s thinking of emigrating: "now to blame for any Manager we stayed at home because the company went bankrupt. I have a family to support, the children who go to school. I’m looking for work but it is very difficult and it is said that does not go away, "explains ilfattoquotidiano. it. The hope, in addition to the layoffs, now called newco. For some time we speak of Legacoop will create a new company, a mega brand new cooperative, which absorbs the Cesi and other companies in trouble zone counterparts. The story also could have political implications of no small account. In a city like Imola red, after World War II still administered by the Pci-Pds-Ds-Pd, the crac a coop like red Cesi is likely to have a major impact in view also of the next regional elections of October-November. Daniele is missing, Mayor since 2008, is considered one of the candidates for the succession of Vasco Errani at the helm of the palaces of Via Aldo Moro. In front of the Cesi cannot dispute then go wrong if you don’t take that discontent Imola families un’ombra Jets on his political future. . You should click the following to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

This is not the first time that the helicopter are evoked by a foreign country. Monday, the premier British David Cameron also referred to: frankly, it would be unthinkable in this country to carry out a command such as were the French. Earlier this year, the United States expressed their concern about this contract. We have regular and consistently expressed our concerns about the sale and we will continue to do so, said in April the Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland. In June, Barack Obama said that it would have been better the France to suspend the sale of the helicopter, while the Russia was trying to annex the Crimea. Monday evening, François Holland said the French position. Delivery of the first building, the Vladivostok, will take place in October. The market concluded in 2011, the boat is almost completed and is to be delivered in October, said the head of State at a dinner in Paris with the Presidential Press Association. The Russians have paid, he added, and in the event of renunciation, should we reimburse 1.1 billion euro. The delivery of the Vladivostok was already very advanced. Built in Russia and assembled in Saint-Nazaire, he is currently in the phase of sea trials. Almost 400 Russian sailors joined the Loire-Atlantic City June 30 to form at the handling of the ship by October. For the second ship, the options remain open. Will the remainder of the agreement be honored? This will depend on the attitude of the Russia, I say this very clearly. But at this point, there is no sanction decided that we would require to renounce. Half of the second Mistral arrived already at Saint-Nazaire. But it must be delivered in more than a year. Irony: it must be baptized by the name of Sevastopol, the main town in Crimea region annexed by the Russia. . For extended insights on this subject read