Jason Collins, first player of the American League of basketball (NBA) openly homosexual, announced Wednesday that it put an end to his athletic career at age 35. I am leaving, I hope, a League was changed and that will continue to evolve, wrote Collins in a forum for Sports Illustrated magazine where he had his coming out in February 2013. Collins is to date the only openly homosexual athlete to have played in one of the four major U.S. Professional Championships. It is wonderful to have opened doors for the sport and homosexuals, to have been accepted by the public, the coaches, the players and the NBA, explained. But it has not yet gay players in (Editor’s notes, ice hockey), NHL (Editor’s notes, American football) NFL or MLB (Editor’s Note: baseball), but you can believe me, they exist, he regretted. When we will come to the point where someone will be more forced to hide who he is really and can live the life he wants, make his coming out will be more so difficult. But we are not yet there, found Collins. His career started in 2001, he played 735 matches and scored 2621 points under the Jersey the New Jersey Nets, become Brooklyn Net, the Atlanta Hawks, the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics. Last season, the first after his coming out, he played 22 games with the net wearing a Jersey number 98, in homage, he said in Sports Illustrated, to Matthew Sheppard, a gay student beaten to death in 1998. Since his coming out, an American football player who played in the University Championship, Michael Sam, showed last season that he was homosexual. He was selected by the St. Louis NFL team in the 2014 Draft, but the Rams did finally not retained it in their squad for the current season. . Similar information can be inspected reading http://39c0488e8d34387456a64d1a5e622c86.utevalleyproxct.com.

A heartfelt and sorrowful letter to defend the choice of dying with dignity, facing a destiny marked. Words in which he tells worth a MOM in the face of harsh criticism to the gesture of his daughter, also expressed by the Vatican. Criticism that does not hesitate to define «immoral». Debbie Ziegler, 29 year-old Brittany Maynard’s mother, died in the United States with the help of assisted suicide on November 1, has put pen to paper, and for the first time since her daughter’s loss broke the silence, in reply to the various comments and listened to the painful affair. Brittany had a terminal brain tumor and no chance of cure. Without directly mentioning it, Ziegler makes above all reference to the Declaration of monsignor Carrasco de Paula, President of the Pontifical Academy of life, that the 4 last November called the choice of assisted suicide ‘ nonsense ‘, condemning the action as "reprehensible." «The choice of my 29 year old daughter to die with dignity rather than suffer a moral degradation, physical and intense pain does not deserve to be labeled as "reprehensible" by foreigners, a continent away from us and that they have not known her and her situation ". In the missive addressed and made known by ‘ Compassion ‘-Choice & Association in favor of assisted suicide that claimed Brittany-la donna States that "criticisms expressed publicly and with such force from people ever known, just at a time when my family was hurt and sore for the loss, were worse than a slap in the face. Was struck by while attempting to pull a breath. " The mother of "write in response to a variety of comments made in the press and online». "Criticism of individuals and institutions that have tried to impose their beliefs on a Brittany that is our family believed to be a human right. Censor personal choice as "reprehensible" because it is not according to someone else’s beliefs is immoral, "concludes the woman. The story, not only in America, brought into the spotlight the issues of euthanasia. And the debate is far from the end. . For extended facts on this matter click resource.

To tell the truth, I thought that the Bills were still too rare, so I went to check by myself. I agreed (after much hesitation) to be the Honorary President of the trophy of the new Beaujolais, organized by the Union of Oenologists of France. And there were many in the room, oenologists, that is to say if it tracked the defects in glasses. What is the role of a President of honour? Just taste like the few other 460 samples proposed,. and make a speech. It was in a beautiful room of the Prefecture of the Rhone, I started by a riddle, what is the common point between the new beaujolais and a diet *?, the atmosphere was asked. In fact, on the 24 samples tasted, only one had a dirty artificial taste of banana *, another was completely missed. The others were okay, not bad, good to very good. Overall, the new beaujolais had two faces: the very type ware, carbonic maceration (method of characteristic wine of beaujolais that accentuates the fruity aromas) that are crossed much since twenty years, and the allure traditional, more structured wines vinified as guard beaujolais, or even to the Burgundian (in keg and all). Two-thirds of the ones I tasted were like that, I felt a tendency to give structure to the beaujolais Primeur. But also the quality of the vintage 2014: two samples only had green tannins, indicating a lack of maturity. In summary, what is a bad beaujolais? A wine that smells of banana or flavourings very technological, but Fischer in the mouth, quasi-aqueux, no length or coming from a mature grape. And finally, they were rare. Certainly, if even the new beaujolais become good, will be really hard to buy the piquette in a few years! Extended information can be read visiting http://39c0488e8d34387456a64d1a5e622c86.utevalleyproxct.com.

Art brut has the wind in its sails: two exhibitions, at the Red House in Paris and Lille Métropole Museum, are devoted to these works produced by mentally ill, marginals and the mystics, where the unconscious is in command. Outsider art: the term and concept were created in 1945 by the french painter Jean Dubuffet, who ranked under this definition of the works executed by people free of artistic culture. Among them, according to him, mimicry, unlike among intellectuals, has little or no part. These are people who find their own vocabulary at the bottom of themselves, confirms Bruno Decharme, filmmaker, and creator of the abcd (gross art knowledge and dissemination) association, of which the collection is exhibited in the Red House. Art brut has been long reserved for insiders and exposed in places specialized such as the Collection of art brut in Lausanne, constituted by Dubuffet, and the Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris. In 1999, a large collection, known as the Aracine, was given to the Lille Métropole Museum (LaM), first museum french to expose permanently this form of expression. Since ten years, art gross made his appearance in modern or contemporary art exhibitions and works are beginning to be offered by reputable galleries. There was a hiatus between art brut and + art + normal, there is now an approach more cross, believes Savine Farr, Commissioner in charge of art brut in the LaM. The vast majority of creators are mentally ill, partly because their works have been preserved by doctors or psychiatric institutions. For others, the pathways are more random, whether marginal or often mystical Solitaire. Savine Farr emphasizes the context of separation from the world in which evolve these artists: hospital, prisons, or the street, in the image of the Croat Janko Domsic, which works on his makeshift shelter boards were rescued by a neighbour. -’ Radicality of the expression’ – what is the difference with naïve art or the child’s drawing? There is a representation of the world, simple, condensed in the first. With art brut, it is in a system of thought. It is the unconscious that turns at the controls, explains Bruno Decharme. Interned for two years, Fernand Desmoulin, a ultra-academique painter, forget his art and thus invents an automatic drawing to come into contact with the dead. For Bruno Decharme, what characterizes art brut, it is the radicality of the expression, mental functioning in the pure State, but also the body that expresses itself. Madge Gill (1848-1950) draws nights whole on sheets of accumulations of faces, all identical. The obsession is often accompanied by tiny graphics like Lubos Plny who registered in concentric circles, around a transparent box containing the ashes of his parents, from very small numbers corresponding to each of their days of life. Savine Farr stressed the use of a very poor material, a trend that also marked contemporary art. However, these artists, is characterised by their extreme diversity, are not virgins of all. They have a perception of the world, with often a high acuity, a great intuition, says Bruno Decharmel. The works of several Japanese designers presented in the Red House are an aesthetic very Oriental, such accumulations of false-ideographs Kunizo Matsumo. Entitled the other art, the exhibition of LaM wants to establish a new mapping that would deliberately blur the boundaries between popular and scholarly art, including children’s drawings or graffiti, as photographed by Brassaï. With regard to the status of artists, it is very complicated, acknowledges Bruno Decharme. Their fragility is huge and even if they do not create for this purpose, they are encouraged by the recognition. I have a rule as collector, intermediaries. . For extra information on this topic read resource.

Switzerland Roger Federer, hit in the back, is not driven at stade Pierre Mauroy de Villeneuve d’Ascq, Wednesday, two days from the start of the final of the Davis Cup against France while the Switzerland had a niche of training from 12 h 30 to 14 h 55, only Stanislas Wawrinka, no. 2 Swiss and 4th World, trained for more than a thirty hour Lille inside. Federer, who said package shortly before the final of the Masters Sunday in London after feeling pain in the back at the end of the semi-final, does still not trained since his arrival in Lille Monday afternoon. I won’t quite well for me and I would be faster progress. It goes a little better than Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I’m optimistic. I really hope play, had said the player to the 17 Grand Slam Tuesday press conference titles. Without Federer, the Swiss would lose most of their chances to win. Behind Wawrinka, the No. 3 Swiss Marco Chiudinelli, is 212th world aged 33. He has won only six singles in Davis Cup career, including only two stakes. The Switzerland has yet to a different niche of training at the stade Pierre-Mauroy Wednesday afternoon, 17 h 05 at 19:00. . Related information can be found checking reference.

With Daft Punk and other DJs, Paris became the cradle of a sound nine that would soon make dance planet in the 1990s. It is a dive respondent in these early days of the French Touch, its crazy nights like his hangovers, proposed by Eden, released Wednesday. First electro more or less clandestine evenings, in the forest, to trendy nights the Queen or La Coupole, famous Parisian clubs, through early tube, it is at the heart of a musical revolution that plunges this fourth film by Mia Hansen-Love. This is not a pedagogical film tracing the history of the French Touch, took care to clarify the Director’s 33 years by presenting late October in Paris, at the electro festival Pitchfork. Rather than a success story of Daft Punk perhaps hoped for by some, Mia Hansen-Love has opted for the portrait of a DJ in the 1990s, a portrait quite personal, quite intimate, to try to regain something of the atmosphere and the modernity of these years there. She led this project in close collaboration with his brother, Sven, himself DJ and key player of the Parisian evenings of the era, with its known holiday Cheers, and who has agreed to co-write with her sister a scenario very largely inspired by boyhood (turbulent). Daft Punk, far from being absent since they appear regularly, are confined to the background of a film that focuses first on those who, between excess all kinds, money problems or wobbly sentimental life, could burn the wings in the wild Parisian nights. Current electronic music born in the 1990s under the leadership of the famous helmeted duo but also of Cassius, Etienne de Crécy and others, the French Touch, a sound based on disco loops, has emerged as a radical new music, without chorus, completely dedicated to dance, said Patrick Thévenin, editor in Chief culture and people in Grazia magazine. -Rare films on electro – since the 1970s, it had had no focus as much on what was the France in music, adds this specialist of electronic music, for which the French Touch has made Paris one of the world capitals of electro with London, Berlin, Chicago, Detroit and New York. Eden, whose pregnancy has taken time because two changes of producers, is one of the first films to describe this new music with such precision. Because if jazzmen and rockers already largely inspired the writers (from Ray Charles to James Brown through the Doors, Joy Division or Johnny Cash), electro remains still often confined to the soundtrack, with the exception of few attempts as Berlin Calling on the life of the German producer Paul Kalkbrenner, or the excellent short french Gaia, Olivier de Plas. Named after the name of a fanzine at the time, Eden is very romantic, but was held to be the most faithful possible at the time, explained to the AFP Sven Hansen-Love, her sister regularly that come on the set to ensure the accuracy of the scenes shot in clubs. It has really brought a lot of attention to Visual detail and music, to the choice of pieces, so that it is as close as possible to reality, adds the co-writer of the film, which mixes still on occasion even if it eyeing now more to writing than to the turntables. The film earned by its neat soundtrack (41 titles in digital version, CD version 23), precious testimony of this Eden of the 1990s. We have selected the soundtrack together and sometimes music has influenced our writing, said Mia Hansen-Love. . Original source may be found clicking the following hyperlink.

The separatist leader Igor Plotnizki has called for the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko to resolve the crisis to a "old Slavic duel" man against man. "Everyone must bring ten seconds. Who wins may dictate its conditions the other side", wrote of fifty years in a letter published on Wednesday. Should he win, the army should withdraw. "If you can save thousands of other lives with the price of his life, a gentleman must take advantage of this opportunity", said the Chief himself appointed "Luhansker Republic". Also a live broadcast on the television is right, the Beefy separatist on the head of State wrote. "I leave you the choice of the place and the weapons." Who would use it "to incite hatred, to kill people, to destroy the economy and cities", asks the fiftieth in the letter. It would be better to "put an end to" an honest duel. Before the Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow asked on Wednesday, an agreement of the heavy conflict was possible only in direct talks between the leaders in Kiev with the insurgents. He had rejected negotiations with the participation of the United States and the European Union. . Extended data can be found clicking website.

New York wants to replace its telephone booths in the years with thousands of free Wi-Fi stations. The US metropolis can get the fastest and largest municipal WiFi network in the world, said Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to the competent authority New Yorkers and visitors in the future can make free use of their smartphones, tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Also calls, access to services of the city and a charging station for mobile devices are designed to provide the new Wi-Fi systems. From the beginning of next year around 10 000 to be away in the metropolis. Currently, New York has even 8400 public telephones. The Internet connection should be times more than 20 times faster the New York according to a report than the available lines usually in the city. Whole movies were downloaded within about 30 seconds. A Counsellor of the Mayor according to especially poorer residents of New York’s should benefit from the new pillars of the Internet because they often did not have fixed Internet connections. In many New York City parks, there are already wireless Internet, as well as in the District of Chelsea. In Germany, Hamburg city wants to become a pioneer in the development of free Wi-Fi stations. No later than 2016, the Senate in cooperation with public institutions in the city will offer nationwide wireless Internet access. Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg provides however for a year tourists and its approximately 100 000 inhabitants in the entire downtown area a free network access. . Main data can be found reading this http://39c0488e8d34387456a64d1a5e622c86.utevalleyproxct.com.

But who ever decides who may become honorary citizen? Theoretically, the proposals must come equally from district offices and initiative meetings from House of representatives and Senate. But that it creates a little known hero or a heroine in the Gallery of the most worthy Berlin, is virtually impossible. For members of Parliament and Senators must decide together – they clarify who will be the new honorary citizen, previously informally, at talks in their offices, in hallways, in the canteen. It is said that kristallisiere is just out, from the Senate. And so the list of crystallized out Berlin Honoree reads in the past decades not surprisingly: Schmidt and Kohl, Reagan, Gorbachev and Genscher. Powerful older men. George Bush sent his grandson over to the ceremony. There must be people who have been earned on outstanding way to the city, the Deputy Senate speaker Bernhard Schodrowski told rbb online. Marlene Dietrich was the only honorary citizen of over the past nearly 40 years. She received only a decade after her death, an exception. So the fractions not publicly argue over the memory of deceased, is regarded as unwritten rule that people in Berlin will be honorary citizenship only if they are still alive. After her death, Berlin pays them an honorary grave.   Jack lives in Strausberg, should explore with a weekend away in a Berlin bus him, greet you nicely: you have a piece of his ride with paid. Because each an honorary citizen of Berlin’s life a year map of the BVG on request. The Senate do not know who takes them – to ask was rude, says spokesman Schodrowski. While it would be done quickly: it adds Gauck, live only four Berlin dignitaries in the capital. Anyway, every breathing citizen can afford quite one or two own cars, no one claim has been offered alms of country in distress. The President even have personal drivers, even after their term they are guarded. You will catch Joachim Gauck therefore until further notice not with a jaunt to the Kottbusser Tor. Instead, Gauck should soon sit in a Chair and a reasonably presidential position. A painter of his election will portray him then. Henceforth, Gauck likeness emblazoned on the third floor of the House of representatives. Two courts in addition to a real Wolf Biermann in oil. . For extended on this topic check http://39c0488e8d34387456a64d1a5e622c86.utevalleyproxct.com.

Custody and hearings continue Wednesday in the investigation into transfers of footballers to or from Olympique de Marseille (OM). A dozen leaders, current and past, as well as the agents of players are concerned. Tuesday, president, Vincent Labrune, his right arm, Philippe Pérez, and his predecessors Jean-Claude Dassier and Dodds were placed in custody. Six others (members or former members of the management of the club or intermediaries and agents of players) were also arrested and should be still heard Wednesday. The former Director sportif of the club, José Anigo, now recruiter in Africa for the club and installed in the Morocco, "must also be heard," according to sources close to the case. At the heart of the questions of investigators, the review of "contentious" and transfers carried out "recent years", and the research of alleged "fraud" to these transfers, according to these sources. ‘Links with the banditry’ have been established in this case dating back several years and which is used as a judicial investigation opened in 2011 for "extortion, money laundering and conspiracy. The police believe that there were, on the occasion of transfers of importance, primarily of commissions and retro-commissions "in which members of the community appear. The transfer of striker André – Pierre Gignac of Toulouse at Marseille, in 2010, is in the crosshairs of investigators. According to "le Parisien" – "today in France", one of the representatives of the player who touched money during his transfer was sentenced to imprisonment for having participated in the nightclubs of Aix-en-Provence (Bouches du Rhône) racket. It was during the investigation into this racket that he acknowledged having received money for the transfer of Gignac. Transfers of Souleymane Diawara (from Bordeaux to OM in 2009) and Samir Nasri (from OM to the English club from Arsenal in 2008) are also in the crosshairs. "Le Parisien" – "Today in France" assures that José Anigo, then bugged, questioned Pape Diouf in the framework of the transfer of Nasri. . Main facts could be studied checking the following resource.