Jean, I had begun to write you a letter to resume these correspondence where it said everything and anything. Where I counseled you books and movies, where you me was talking about, in the last especially, the joy that you had felt, of the pride you had proven by reviewing the life and nothing else, Conan or the Princess of Montpensier. You attributed to your usual all merits. But death, screenwriter envious and malicious, decided to stop our correspondence. And I remain, orphan of so much happiness, so much joy, orphan of one of those friendships so strong, so rare. After another Jean, Aurenche, it is you who going you. Those who believed in heaven and one who does not believe. After David Rayfiel, my boyfriend, my brother. I remain there, and beyond my pain, I think your children, Marie Laurence and I want to say as Noiret in that the feast begins, God is wicked. But you’d look at me and you would say to me: it is not worth going to accuse God, ago the age, life that wears and which decreases and you ronge. But still us have our memories. And all the films they made together. Yes the memories, starting with the wonderful Stephen who, in disappearing first, left you a huge wound in the heart. I like to think that you are found and also you’ll be able to discuss paradise of screenwriters, Spaak who we had a tribute sacred in let pass, Prévert which would repeat in your regard what he had told me to Aurenche and Bost: their presence guarantee me the righteousness of the film. Do you remember John, it all started for us two to SACD. It was there that I had already met Louis Ducreux who became the hero of a Sunday in the country. I had noticed your actions, your position shots. I wanted to learn more about what you wrote and you lent me some cassettes with Julien Fontane, La Dictée (what emotion) Jean-Pierre Marchand, Director that you felt much, La Filière, Fabien de la Drôme without forgetting the 5 last minutes. And I immediately wanted propose you a topic of film. I had been impressed by your script-writing, the way that you’d get in symbiosis with a time, a medium. By the attention given to the occupations of the characters and all that implied. Accuracy of the vocabulary which caused the accuracy of gestures. I very quickly understood, from the life and nothing else, from whence it came. Your experience when you take care of the reconstruction of Boulogne and you’re faced with surveyors, plumbers, roofers, Masons. You were very uncomfortable with these popular characters that you looked at man’s height and had taken to contact them a taste of the accuracy of the truth. God that you made me laugh when you mentioned is the agony of a young man we had bombarded architect, lack of strength, while his only knowledge was limited to the Etruscan dwellings. In any case, you, the owners, craftsmen, clerks, the Machinists were described, with uncommon accuracy and your dialogue sounded incredibly just. Think about Ardèche faithful heart and his companions, great topic I wanted to redo the cinema because you hated the staging. I want to not have fairly stressed,. And to all these trades that you covered through every episode of last 5 minutes. You had made me much laugh referring me to the hazards that caused the live shoot especially when Loursais had suddenly decided to change the assassin. Similarly, you had experienced some of the events we saw in let pass, you had been an eyewitness of the bombardment of Boulogne. But cutting a piece of what you had lived, this teacher who recited the Baudelaire under the bombs. It was too good, this was cinoche. It has kept what was for you the obsessions of the era: cold and food (with this liquid butter a machino wants to resell and these fish collected in the Seine after the bombing: tench, is the Blotter, it takes inside taste what it cooked.). And one day I brought the life project, a few pages on a woman looking for her husband who was one of the 350 000 missing in 1920 and I told you that I would include the manner in which the unknown soldier had been found. I did not know how he had led under the Arc de triomphe. You have answered me immediately: Ca I know; We talked for 4 years and it took to find it in a week. All that explains Michel Duchaussoy in the film. Then a few days later, you as proposed me a list of characters in order of importance and then there was in 6th position, rather secondary role in your idea, an officer obsessed with the number of the missing and the dead. And I said to you: he is the hero. And he became Commander Dellaplane. A brother, a friend. And the favorite role of Philippe Noiret. This was the beginning of a wonderful adventure, of complicity (collaboration is a word that annoys me) at all times. Arriving home, door de Brancion and in hostels or Ville d’Avray later, I discovered a few pages of your incredible writing of regularity, calligraphic clarity. By working together, on my suggestions, on your reactions, four pages could be reduced to one (in let pass, the bombing of Boulogne lost 8 pages in five minutes) or on the contrary from an Exchange, new colours appeared, a new character entered the scene. In a few minutes, you took my criticism (those that appeared to you), just gommais, rewriting side, always so clear. It is stimulated each other. We wanted to impress (yet Aurenche: what I wrote better, is when I wanted to impress Bost or Tavernier.). It was more who wrote what. Or rather, I know that I owe you thousands of flares, small wonders like it upsetting was not its weight of size of Madam Erlane speaking of his son Jean (imagine the happiness of an actress, a stage director who discovers a phrase like this, so just, if revealing a character, a medium and which is followed by 20 all also magnificent replicas)the tirade on the misfortune that comes not with a single stroke of Cécile Vassort in Conan or it upsetting dialogue on how to make the tea between Sabine Azéma and Pascale Vignal, at the end of life. Simple words, away from any plot, and an incredibly dense relationship between these two women accepted by the war. It was also our only topic of discussion, the place of the plot. Me, I wanted all the time the shift and for you, she was at the Center. I was fighting for it does not dominate the scenes, we never finish with a final reply that I soldais by all means. I turned a moment that could be explanatory in a true scene of love between Irene and Dellaplane, whispered by the two players. This dispute would have great fun and in the Princess, it is you who intended the more oblique approaches (the love despite concealer behind a discussion on poetry and the name of a bird). Because Jean you was a lyric, epic, writer who thought broad, which absorbed and could stir immense and painful feelings. You could also demonstrate a scathing irony (the father of Philippe de Montpensier, confit in an auto-satisfait selfishness). You beat the hardness, the violence, the horror of evil because you had treasures of generosity in you. And attention to others. And the funny comedy of the dialogues of the daughter of d’Artagnan. It is you who had made the character that plays Claude Rich this fool beat and very dangerous, obsessed with the conquest of the monopoly of coffee. And the full moon, large laundry can compete in its delightful gags with the I slipped on a hologram of Noiret in Le Bossu, the best adaptation of the novel by Paul Féval. And there’s many joys of this quality in your collaborations with Jean Becker, including Dialogue with my gardener that I would like to review to write this text. And Maupassant that you wrote for Laurent Heynemann, including inheritance with a sumptuous Eddy Mitchell, and a gentleman, by Octave Mirbeau, with Daniel Russo. Yes, they were exciting years were spent together. We have both, walking with Conan, black and complex hero, killer that can also go on the battlefield what could cause fear in a young soldier, coasted to the abyss (as wrote Vercel in unpublished notes). We celebrated the daily courage, ordinary decency of the characters to let pass, Aurenche, Devaivre and his wife, Le Chanois, heroes who were doing what they could when others did not, faced the horrors of the wars of Religion and there again, the heroism of a young woman who wants to understand and feel that culture, knowledge is a weapon. There was no usable at Madame de La Fayette dialogue and what you did was extraordinary intelligence and sensitivity, this absolutely not modern language that avoided any reconstitution of junk. And that was immediately in the mouth. We share both the same love of actors. You knew them admirably after the experience of the toe of the radio and also you was doing or supervising the distribution of the films that you wrote for the TV. As did Jacques Prévert. Between the writing of two scenes, talked about distribution. And it was great. You liked them actors and you wrote beautifully for them. Mélanie Thierry had told me that once it had considered the meaning of the words, everything was easy, everything flowed from source in the Princess. It was so well written that the toughest turns, appeared on the stage, totally obvious. Is that the words were fair, granted to the feelings. Michel Winock, after a screening of Conan, declared that it was the dialogue the fairest, the strongest class in 14-18 reports from La Grande Illusion. Not bad this compliment. I had very quickly discovered, from our first work that links ties us well before our meeting: radio with the masters of the mystery of Pierre Billard, I listened religiously, adventure of pet (I had loved life and death of King John, Sainte-Marie of slaughterhouses and other stagings of Rétoré you had known to sponsorship, I think) and also the songgoualantes that you wrote for Montand and the brothers Jacques. You had chosen television after experiencing some setbacks at the cinema. Less with Hello doctor, yet very marked by Noël Noël because of various sharpers is baptizing producers such as that which had sent you a vague draft contract on the letterhead of Fresnes prison. . For additional insights on this topic read resource.

The construction of a cableway across the Elbe in Hamburg has failed. In a referendum almost two-thirds of the participants in the district spoke out Center (63.4 percent) against the project. This was announced by the District Office on Wednesday. A total Abstimmungsberechtigte were called good 200 000 to participate. About a quarter of them with 50 081 votes participated in the decision. Civil (36.6 percent) were 18-312 for the plans. The project divided the people of Hamburg. According to an Austrian ropeway manufacturer and operator of the musical stage entertainment, the cableway to 80 feet high supporting the Heiligengeistfeld in St. Pauli on the Elbe should lead to two musical theatres on the southern edge of the harbour. The company wanted to invest 35 million euros in the 1.5 kilometre long route. The opponents saw no enrichment for the Hanseatic City, but corporate interests at work in the project. An initiative against the cableway feared disadvantages for local residents through increased tourist flows and additional traffic. The railway also destroy the cityscape with its high columns. A handful of opponents victory "David versus Goliath" on Wednesday at the Spielbudenplatz on St. Pauli, as one representative put it. You are overwhelmed by the clear majority initiatives representative Sabrina Hirche said. . Original source may be read clicking the following

Turin, 27 Aug. -(Adnkronos)-eight cases of violation of anti-money laundering regulations established in the last semester by the Guardia di Finanza di Cuneo: the attention of the Fiamme Gialle focuses on the ” passages ” of illicit cash, made between various actors and enterprises of the Cuneo area, but also other provinces of Northern Italy, occurred without benefit of financial intermediaries enabled, i.e. banks and financial companies, and therefore out of the statutory channels. The documents reviewed, the financiers have found that on several occasions payments between individuals and/or businesses had been perfected by transferring cash for amounts exceeding the maximum thresholds permitted by law. Irregularities were mostly commercial transactions ‘ ordinary ‘ ”, as sales of goods or invoice balances, but there have been cases of transfer of an undertaking for a substantial part in black or the involvement of professionals who have operated by sponsors in the transfer of sums beyond the lawful threshold between individuals. Among other cases, even the various disputed violations to members of a s. r. l. Cuneo, active in construction, used to collect cash deposits by systematically its customers large amounts, even several tens of thousands of dollars. In this case were sanctioned, as a must, both entrepreneurs who received the money, and their customers. Similar complaints have been made, under the existing legislation, even in the case of cash transfers between relatives or acquaintances who had proceeded to transfer money without using intermediaries enabled. Currency, sanctions from one to 40 per cent of the amounts transferred, are aggravating for the ” irregular ” transfers of amounts exceeding 50 thousand euros, which may entail a penalty increased by 5 times. . Inspirational source can be studied reading this reference.

A team of Burmese divers claimed to have received the help of the spirits to find, at the bottom of the Rangoon River, the legendary Bell of a pagoda plundered by a Portuguese mercenary four centuries ago. Under the gaze of a crowd large and fascinated, dozens of summarily equipped divers probe for several weeks the murky waters and turbulent River in the hope of finding the Dhammazedi Bell. Other treasure hunters had failed before them to trace the Bell of the pagoda Shwedagon stolen in the 17th century and whose weight would have sunk the boat carrying the. After requesting the authorization of all noble people and saints, we declare that we found the Dhammazedi Bell, said in a press release head of research, San Lin, without proof of his assertions. Some Burmese historians do not hide their perplexity and challenge to the very existence of the Bell. The methods of the divers aren’t there for nothing, who have abandoned the vested modern paraphernalia to underwater exploration in favor of incantations intended to appease the spirit of the dragon which, according to them, protect the Bell. Cannot find nothing following the advice of astrologers and invoking the nats (spirits), the dragons and the galouns (mythical bird), reacted Chit San Win, of the Burma history Commission, questioned by AFP. San Lin, who supports having seen the Bell once in 1998 during a previous attempt, has promised to remove the Bell from the water in the coming days. The bronze Bell weighs 294 tonnes, the equivalent of a Boeing 777 aircraft to take-off. Historians believe that it was offered at the Shwedagon Pagoda in 1484 by King-monk Dhammazedi. It would have then been stolen by the Portuguese merchant Filipe De Brito e Nicote – known in Burma as the Nga Zinga – who wanted to melt the bronze to make cannons. . Root facts can be read checking this

Talks between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents ended Wednesday in Minsk without large concrete steps for an end to the conflict in the East of the Ukraine, Vladimir Poutine minimizing the capture of Russian soldiers in Ukrainian territory. Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Poutine met face-to-face Tuesday for more than two hours on the sidelines of a regional summit in the Belarus capital where also attended by the leaders of the European Union. Petro Poroshenko spoke of difficult discussions and some results, but which seem insufficient to put an end to the bloody conflict that has lasted more than four months between rebels pro-Russian and Government forces in the East of the Ukraine. For its part, the Russian president said that the Russia was ready to do everything for the peace process in Ukraine when it starts. Vladimir Poutine however downplayed the protests of Kiev after the capture of ten Russian soldiers in Ukrainian territory, an incursion that has happened according to Moscow by accident. I have not received any information on the part of the (Russian) Ministry of defence. But from what I’ve heard, they were patrolling at the border and could find themselves on the territory of Ukraine, said the strong man of the Kremlin, recalling that Ukrainian soldiers had in the past also crossed the border to Russia. Has never had any problem and I hope that there is no problem with the Ukraine this time, he said. Petro Poroshenko has for its part called for concrete action and discussed a roadmap for a peace plan to put an end to the clashes, which have already caused the deaths of more than 2,200 people in four months. He said that this plan was supported by all parties present in Minsk without exception. They crossed the border probably by accident, in a non-signalized and non guarded zone, a source at the Russian Ministry of Defense said Russian agencies. The Ukrainian army regularly accuses Russia of incursion on its territory and to provide weapons and fighters to the pro-Russian rebels, what Moscow has always denied. On the ground, a new front is opened near the Russian border in the coastal town of Novoazovsk (Southeast), where heavy fighting took place Tuesday. The day before, the Ukrainian army said stopped a column of armoured vehicles coming from Russia in this sector. Russian and Ukrainian leaders also discussed in Minsk the problems associated with the association agreement signed between Kiev and the European Union, which is viewed very unfavourably by Moscow. The previous pro-Russian Ukrainian Government decision to suspend this agreement raised a pro-European challenge unprecedented wave that ended in a bloodbath in Kiev, which was succeeded by the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March and a pro-Russian armed insurrection in the East. Vladimir Poutine said that the Russia and the Ukraine had agreed to restart talks on the issue of gas deliveries. Moscow has closed the gas valve to the Ukraine in June due to unpaid debts and disagreements on the price. The Russian president also said having obtained an agreement with Petro Poroshenko on sending humanitarian assistance Russian in the East of the Ukraine. Moscow has placed Monday Kiev faced the prospect of a new show of force by announcing the shipment this week of a new humanitarian convoy, a few days after the entry into Ukrainian territory of a first convoy without permission from Kiev. . For additional information about this topic click website.

In the face of the growing threat posed by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS), more and more countries support the Kurds in the northern Iraq with weapons. According to the U.S. Department of Defense supply now also Canada, Denmark, Croatia and Albania military equipment. The deliveries, which contained military equipment, had already begun, said Defense Minister Chuck hail. In the coming days would still more countries are added.  Italy, France and the United Kingdom, which thanked hail for their collaboration, had previously provided arms supplies for the fight against the militia IS in prospect.   The Federal Government will decide according to the words of Chancellor Angela Merkel on next weekend at the latest on weapon supplies to the Kurds in the North of Iraq. We are in the course of this week, including Sunday, I say, so even before the Bundestag session, make our final decisions, said Merkel the TV station MDR info. The CDU Chairman said the Bundestag could then debate the issue, there will be but no formal decision of the Parliament. The extremists of the Islamic State control around a third of the area in the North and East of Syria. Overall, the terrorist group in Syria to include around 50 000 troops in their ranks.  So far, U.S. fighter jets attacking regularly only IS positions in neighboring Iraq. There, the United States support Kurdish units and the Iraqi army in the fight against the jihadists. Syria serves as refuge to extremists. Fighters and weapons can freely pass through the borders of the two countries.   . For additional facts on this topic read

Here’s to new political reactions to the announcement Tuesday night of the composition of the new Government of Manuel Valls:-Pierre Lellouche, UMP Deputy of Paris: Manuel Valls has transferred the strong heads of his Government and enter or promotes the technocrats and seconds knives, appreciated for their docility. Remains that this Government, without great stature or relief, will quickly see his political base melt every day, left, in the PS and throughout the country. After this crisis, Manuel Valls has no time nor the means to the social-liberal turn that François Holland ought to begin as early as 2012. A return to the people was soon inevitable prove. (with AFP)-Florian Philippot, vice-president of the FN, MEP: (Emmanuel) Macron to the economy and the industry or the formalization of the domination of the great finance! (Twitter) – Nicolas Bay, MEP FN:. @najatvb (Najat Vallaud-Belkacem) to education. When the course of sex education provided by #Conchita #Wurst #Valls 2? (Twitter) – Philippe Vigier, Chairman of the IDU National Assembly group: the + Nick + new Government of Manuel Valls will be not more efficient to meet the challenges faced by the country (,.). Today?, after this reshuffle, doubts about the ability and willingness of l? Executive to turn its back on the policy pursued for more than two years remain the same (press release) – hunting, fishing, Nature and Traditions: L? clearly, and as says F. Holland, c? is a + Government of combat +? but against the French, against their purchasing power and their good life +, against french economic actors and employment, rural life and its forces, including hunters! The two heads of l? Executive turn their backs to the rural identity, l?DNA of the France’s territories! All will know s? in remembrance to the next elections! (press release) – Jean-Pierre Bel, president of the Senate (PS), welcomes a diverse team of quality that respects the principle of parity (,.) This new Government meets l? issue clarification and will d?work to straighten the country in social justice. The challenges related to the economic situation, to the tragedy of unemployment and redefinition d? a strong European ambition required to face that the Government demonstrate d? a solidarity without fault and d? a dedication without arrears thoughts, at the service of our fellow citizens. (press release) – François Sauvadet, former Minister, Deputy Chairman of the IDU: the message is unambiguous with the appointment of Emmanuel Macron to the economy: finance is no longer an enemy! This Government will manage to succeed where the previous failed so quickly? I doubt (press release) – Marielle de Sarnez, first Vice-President of the Modem: it is a redesign without imagination, without surprise and that does nothing about the key issues facing the country: the reality of change, popular support and political seat. (press release) – François Zocchetto, Chairman of the IDU – UC in the Senate group: the Prime Minister must resolutely take reformist willingness, even scrunch the ideologues of his majority. We expect the President and his ministers responsible behaviour. We expect them to work and the results. (press release). Extended text can be read reading web site.

The main significance of this cabinet reshuffle, it was punishment of dissidents, with the eviction of Montebourg, Hamon, Filippetti, and the promotion of the loyal and faithful, Vallaud-Belkacem and Fleur Pellerin, finds Renaud Dely. It was also to clarify policy and the economic line with the promotion of Emmanuel Macron, and his tandem with FIR. The policy is clear: reducing deficits, political of the offer, the Pact of responsibility and the hand held out for better cooperation with the Germany. , is the editor of the Nouvel Observateur the main highlight of this new Government, it is its cohesion, its energetic, proactive and fair dimension. It is a Government that looks like a squad of combat, so the quack Pack should be more limited. Manuel Valls wanted to see nobody out of the rank, is the case, there is a sense of order, considers Renaud Dely. There is also a rejuvenation with at the forefront of very young figures, less than 40 years, and no old horses’s back! For additional facts about this matter click hyperlink.

About 1 400 children and young people have been sexually exploited in the English town of Rotherham in the past 16 years and abused. This is the result of an independent investigation, who worked on cases from the years 1997 until 2013. The perpetrator had raped girls and boys, abducted, brought in other northern English cities, beaten and intimidated, the report’s author, Alexis Jay said. According to our conservative estimates, some 1 400 children have been exploited over the entire study period, from 1997 until 2013, sexually. The investigation had given the local Government of 250 000 inhabitants town in the North of England region South Yorkshire in order. Thus, the extent of abuse cases is far greater than the previous investigations had become known. 2010 a gang was convicted in connection of five people to long prison terms for child abuse. The trial was the first of several major procedures that have also cases in other English cities such as Leeds, Derby and Oxford in the year 2010. Between 2002 and 2006, there have been three investigations, could have been more clear in the description of the situation in Rotherham. You have been actively held back or ignored. The failure of the local authorities, the report has exposed, is frightening, said a Government spokesman in London. . Similar facts can be inspected reading

Obama has authorized reconnaissance flights over the weekend-reconnaissance planes that the Pentagon has sent to Syria were authorized by Obama, over the weekend. The New York Times reported that stresses that it is a significant step toward direct U.s. military action in Syria, an action that may alter the battlefield of the civil war in the country. Obama, who has repeatedly called for the expulsion of President Assad, doesn’t want to be seen as someone who is helping the Syrian Government, even inadvertently, according to some administration officials argue. Usa: no cooperation with Assad against Isis-White House spokesperson Josh Earnest has indeed hasty to say that for us there is no coordination project with the Assad regime against the Islamic State. But in fact the collaboration there is all right even if through the Iraq and actually of Russia. Usa inform Damascus on reconnaissance flights in the North as part of reconnaissance flights over North of Syria, the United States have begun to provide information to Damascus on the positions of the combatants of the Islamic State. They revealed to France Presse a Syrian source close to the dossier is the Syrian Observatory for human rights. No communications occur directly but through the Iraq and Russia. The Director of the NGO, Rami Abdel Rahmane, said Syrian not reconnaissance aircraft have overflown Deir Ezzor and collected information on the positions of the Is and then transmitted to the Syrian Government via Baghdad and Moscow. NGOs: dozens of government air raids against Isis-Damascus has launched dozens of raids on Islamic State stations (Isis) in northeastern province of Dayr az Zor, according the NGO National Observatory for human rights in Syria. The province of Dayr az Zor is almost entirely under the control of the Isis and it borders the regions in Iraqi territory they occupied Islamic State. The Foundation also reported that, in the Dayr az Zor province, last night as unknown militants attacked a base of Isis in The Ashara and a roadblock in the same organization between the villages of Al Bokamal and Al Baguz jihadists, killing two and wounding four. Iraq: Turkmen 700 massacred by Isis last July-Meanwhile, it was learned that about 700 civilians from the minority Shiite Turkmen, including children, women and old men, were massacred by jihadists Islamic State in the village of Beshir quite soon, in the North of Iraq. He said the Unicef representative in Iraq, Marzio Babille, stating that the massacre took place between July 11 and 12. The complaint, which is based on testimonies collected from runaways from Beshir quite soon, comes as there are fears about the fate of thousands of other Turkmen that the jihadists are laying siege since last June in the town of Amerli. How yazidis and Christians, the Turkmen Shiites are among the targeted minorities from persecution of Isis, which follows a Sunni fundamentalist doctrine. . You should check the following to read extra regarding this interesting topic.