Air traffic was again heavily disrupted Saturday Portugal due to a new strike of 24 hours of the aircrew of the national airline TAP, after a first release Thursday. More of a flight on two out of the 291 planned Saturday, had to be cancelled, only the minimum service to Madeira, the Azores, Caracas and São Paulo and flights of the regional subsidiary Portugália provided spokesman of the TAP to the AFP. We have had no contact with the leadership since Thursday, first day of strike, told the AFP Nuno Fonseca, leader of the national Union of the staff of the civil aviation (SNPVAC), the origin of the movement. Joining the strike reached Saturday morning nearly 100% of the cabin crew, according to the head of the Union which claims including the respect of the rest time between flights and the right to rest at least a weekend on seven. The strike aims to denounce violations of the venture agreement leading to a deterioration continuous and systematic working conditions, according to the Union. Thursday, participation had reached almost 90%, according to the trade union official, and 145 320 flights had been cancelled. TAP aircrew has announced its intention to disengage two additional days, November 30 and December 2. First European company for trips to Brazil, the TAP has reached in 2013 a net profit of EUR 34 million, an increase of 42%, thanks in particular to a record number of passengers. The expansion of the company however caused a shortage of equipment, at the origin of a series of technical incidents and delays as well as a strike by pilots last August. TAP is on the list of assets that the authorities intend to sell to consolidate the public finances of the Portugal and the Government has announced to want to relaunch the privatization of the company before the end of the year, after a first attempt in December 2012. . Extended data can be inspected checking hyperlink.

The first Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk gave the order to draft a new gas pipeline from the Ukraine to the Poland in order to import European Union all the gas consumed by the Ukraine, reported a press release posted on the website of the Ukrainian Government.  This pipeline must be put into service in 2016. It’s a deadline is real, said the Prime Minister quoted in the release.    According to the document, the new pipeline would enable the Ukraine to receive 80 million cubic meters of gas per day.    This means that we could buy the European Union all the gas we need, said Mr. Iatseniouk.    The Russia, the Ukraine and the European Commission have signed Thursday a binding tripartite Protocol who spends their winter gas plan agreements. The plan foresees the resumption of supplies of Russian gas to the Ukraine and guarantees its uninterrupted transit in winter. Under the terms of this document, the Ukraine agrees to pay $ 3.1 billion on the 5.3 billion of its debt to the Russian group Gazprom by the end of the year and buy to the latter additional volumes of gas after having paid them in advance. . Original source may be studied checking the following weblink.

The President of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaoré announced to leave power. The resignation came in the wake of the clashes erupted during the street protests because the President relinquished the position, in clashes between police and protesters yesterday, 30 October 30 people have died and at least a hundred were injured. This morning the anti-government protesters have rallied again and stormed the headquarters of the General staff of the armed forces calling for the resignation of its Chief, General Honorè Nabere Traoré, considered too close to the President. The General had given his willingness to meet with a delegation of protesters, who apparently do not have any intention to stop the siege. One million Burkinabe fell to the streets yesterday to challenge the President who wanted to change the Constitution to make an additional mandate. He was opposition spokesman Bénéwendé Sankara to denounce the attempt by the army to seize power. Sankara spoke of "coup d’Etat", a term never used so far by any leader in the field. In a meeting between the leaders of the anti-Government and Traoré, the opposition asked him "to act in the interests of the people" as "the Chief of staff made a coup d’etat," said Sankara. Before leaving the command, Compaoré, in power for 27 years, in the morning had stated that it does not intend to resign but to be available "to open discussions with all parties." Yesterday October 30, Compaoré has dissolved the Government but resigned from Office. The intentions of the former head of State were to lead the Transitional Government with representatives of all the parties and remain in Office for 12 months and, only at the end of the period, Compaoré was returned his mandate to go to the polls. But the anti-Government had reiterated that the waiver of the power of the President was a "non-negotiable", as stated by Sankara, who had stated: "we have fooled all Compaoré for 27 years, is still trying to deceive ourselves, deceive the people.  It’s so much that we demand his resignation. " The record of yesterday has alarmed the international community. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged all parties to end the violence, saying that she was "saddened by the loss of life resulting from the recent events". The UN Special Representative Mohamed Ibn Chambas said that "deplores the deterioration of the security situation" in the country and is expected to arrive on a visit today. The United States, for their part, welcomed the decision of President Compaoré to withdraw proposed legislation that would allow him to run for a fifth term. "We welcome the decision to form a Government of national unity to prepare for national elections and transfer power to a democratically elected successor," added the spokesman for the u.s. State Department, Jen Psaki. The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, today expressed the hope to Paris that "you go to a return to calm. We must not make or unmake a Government. What we are hoping is that the French citizens are protected and that you go to a return to calm. " The Minister assured: "we have asked our Ambassador in place to facilitate this solution of peace." . Related text can be inspected visiting

After a nationwide manhunt in elementary schools, a man from Passau has been arrested for suspected to have severely sexually abused his son. The father in the Internet offered photos of the seven years, the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor announced on Friday. The photos of the 49 year old in investigation into the Internet fell to the Federal Criminal Police Office. The suspect was arrested on 24 October in Upper Austria, Austria.   The crucial tip came from a basic principal in Passau, in which the victim is gone, the spokesman said the Prosecutor General, Alexander Badle. The woman recognized the boy in the pictures. Although the victim’s family lived in her second home in the baronial Ried (Innkreis), however, the boy went into an elementary school in Passau.   The Federal Criminal Police Office had become aware end of 2013 on the Internet the images on a US server. After the police investigations were inconclusive, the Central Office for the fight against of Internet crime (ZIT) has been switched on. This initiated a public manhunt in schools on 22 September 2014. Not pornographic photos of boys were shown teachers and heads of primary schools. With success: The principal recognized the boys and for his father, the handcuffs clicked finally. He now sits in detention in Austria.   . Inspirational source can be read clicking the following

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) on 25% of the voters of the Democratic Party is with Maurizio Landini and supports battles of Secretary of Fiom. This was revealed in a search-Coesis Analysis Research exclusively for Aidan Taylor. it. Landini is concrete, bread is pane e vino al vino. For this love, explains Alessandro Amadori, the number one Coesis. It is somewhat the opposite of Renzi, convinces as pragmatic. It’s the typical factory man years ‘ 60 and ‘ 70. Not only. Any Labour Party, formed by the left of the Democratic Party, from Sel, Rifondazione Comunista, Verdi, Idv and the people of Piazza San Giovanni could get to 15%. And the leader? Better Landini of Camusso, explains Amadori. Landini is newer and the leader of the Cgil is seen more as a politician by profession. And what would happen if it was really the Labour Party? The Pd could drop from the current 40 percent to 32-33 as it would lose the left, although it might raise new consensus coming out of the Center. But the effect of formation of Landini you would especially on 5 Star Movement. The Labour Party would take away many votes to the protest area and cricket could drop up to 15% or below. According to Coesis, a lot also depends on what will happen in the Center. The League now travels to the 10%, but can go certainly beyond. It depends on whether there will be an offer of a party of moderates Gaullist-style (France) or Christian-Democratic Party (Germany). If there was the Pd might also return between 25 and 30%. . Extended data can be inspected reading

We want to apply for major events, then we need to implement the new WADA code, the NADA Board of directors Chairman Andrea Gotzmann said. This includes in particular that Bonn by 2015 in addition to the training also will be taking over the approximately 5000 competition testing. The tests have to competitions so far only transferred 28 of 62 organisations United in the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) on the NADA. The new code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which enters into force on 1 January 2015, stipulates that the national agencies for the complete control system are responsible. The anti-doping campaigner and former world class sprinter from East Germany, Ines Geipel, considers common prohibited performance is still far. We should not establish us, that everything is past, the Chairman of the doping victims Association said. The tradition is not to end. Gama was even involuntarily incorporated into the compulsory doping system in the former GDR. There are still so many doors that can be opened in the anti-doping fight, said Gao. The new WADA code is a great opportunity to bring the anti-doping work for the clean athletes significantly forward for them. . You should visit this to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

The growing popularity of the Executive declined again in October, the President of the Republic and its Prime Minister losing each three points and reach respectively 20% and 35% of positive opinions, according to a BVA for Orange survey published Thursday. After returned 4 points last month, François Holland is approaching its lowest level of popularity (19%), and collects 79% of negative opinions. He loses 5 points among the surveyed claiming to be supporters of left, of which 50% have a bad opinion of Socialist president the head of Government Manuel Valls, who had won a point in September, sees popularity plunge to lowest since his appointment at Matignon with 35% of positive opinions, in particular from sympathizers of left (53%, -8 points). In a statement, the polling Institute says this disenchantment left by new divisions within the majority, the various controversies on the contract of work or the name of the PS, but also and above all, very bad unemployment figures and an admission of failure in this area of François Rebsamen. Only 10% of respondents consider that the policy of the president and the Government is effective, and less than a quarter the judge just (24%, + 1). The survey also proposes to measure the popularity of 32 politicians. Among the proposed names, the some 1. 200 respondents placed Alain Juppé widely before Nicolas Sarkozy, 55% (+ 2) of them wishing that the Mayor of Bordeaux has more influence in French politics, compared to 26% (-7) for the former President. For the first time, the President of FN Marine Le Pen ahead of Mr Sarkozy in the list of proposed persons (29%, + 1). The barometer also shows a jump in popularity to the economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron (36%, + 13), which is placed fourth behind Alain Juppé, François Bayrou and Bruno Le Maire. Survey conducted by internet on 28 and 29 October to 1. 225 people, a sample from the method of quotas. The margin of error for a score of 20% in a sample of 1. 000 people moved to 2.5. . Root data can be studied visiting the following

Brittany Maynard, the young of 29 years after discovering that a brain tumor would have killed her within a few months she decided to resort to euthanasia, in these days is trying to fulfill all his desires. Is living his last moments with his family, is traveling with them and with their chose to see the Grand Canyon, where he shared a photo on the edge of the Gorge. And these days Brittany has realized that it is not yet time to die. Initially the young, whose decision is doing much to discuss, had said they would choose euthanasia on November 1, after her husband Dan’s birthday. But apparently decided to postpone that moment. In a video the 29 year-old explained he is still convinced of his decision but that he does not know when this will happen: "I still feel pretty good, I can still enjoy, laugh and have fun with family and friends. This does not seem the right time, "said Brittany. "I haven’t changed my mind, because I’m getting worse is going to happen more and more each week. Just don’t know when, "he added. Even after the trip to the Canyon the young has felt unwell and was hospitalized. For hours Brittany has not been able to speak. After a first operation and a cycle of care, in April to Brittany had been diagnosed six months of life. It was then that she decided to die on his own terms. Brittany Maynard lived in San Francisco and moved to Portland, Oregon, just to gain access to euthanasia. There is the sweet death is legal by 17 years. Legal assistance was provided by "Compassion & Choices, an organization that fights because the laws on euthanasia be approved throughout the United States and not just in the four countries that allow it. In his video the girl told of how painful the judgement of others: "I think someone says, ‘ well, don’t look so sick as you say they are, and it’s irritating because when I have a crisis and then I can’t speak I feel all the evil of my condition." . You can click this hyperlink to learn more regarding this great topic.

Flight attendants prepare for takeoff from shiver. Would have been enough a few minutes and the Flybe plane departing from Newquay Airport in Cornwall to London Gatwick would take flight. Too bad the cloche of the aircraft Wednesday morning there was a commander, a 48 year old of Crediton, near Devon, who had raised his elbow and was going to put at risk the lives of passengers on board. Takeoff was scheduled after a few minutes but the behavior of the Commander had suspicious crew members. In particular, a colleague, concerned about some attitudes considered bizarre, has had time to call the police and to cancel the departure. Boarding was finished and we were waiting to take off when we were given notice that the master did not feel good about a passenger. Shortly after some agents raided in plane and subjected him to a test to check the level of alcohol in the blood. The man was arrested on charges of having exceeded the limit allowed to fly and was brought to the police station to Newquay. The airline Flybe, in a statement, said that the crew and Commander are collaborating with the police. Do not look further until police investigations are not finished. For passengers who have arrived at their destination with five hours of delay, a sigh of relief: they avoided take a ride on the plane more crazy in the world. . Original data can be read visiting this weblink.

Were acquitted because the fact there, from charges of maltreatment of children the three maestre private asylum in Wonderland of Pinerolo. This was decided the Turin Court of Appeal ruling on the matter, culminating in 2010 with the seizure of the school. At first instance were sentenced to penalties of between 10 and 12 months the survey started in February 2010 and coordinated by the pm of Ciro Santoriello Milnthorpe, was started by a private citizen and was supported by staff in the structure, from a former employee and by a parent of one of the little guests of the kindergarten. The attendants were also provided to the Attorney of ill-treatment movies. In recent months, precisely because they had spread the news that in kindergarten children were mistreated, 12 of these were withdrawn. They had always defended: fabrications, we are victims of retaliation. According to the charges the three women-Pabia, 40 years, Elisa Griotti of 47 and Stefania Di Maria, 32, who ran the company, repeatedly mistreated him most of these kids-writes the gip in its order-picchiandoli with objects on the nape, Collard, saying phrases like ‘ whore puzzi as your mother ‘, subjecting them to harassment, forcing them to eat the food they had before thrown up to sleep in rooms in the dark and under conditions of absolute isolation. Making them cry for a long time without informed of their State of health and leaving them without housing for a long time so that the children ended up to get hurt because they attacked each other or because of their understandable inability to provide for themselves. Today, however, the ruling that clears any wrongdoing. . You must read the following to read extra regarding this great topic.