-There will also be Amine Gemayel among more than 220 witnesses called in the trial against Claudio Scajola starts today in Reggio Calabria. The former President of Lebanon and former head of the Phalanx was called as a defense witness by former Interior Minister arrested under the case Matacena. At the trial, Scajola is accused of failure to obtain it for the former Deputy to Italy Force Amedeo Matacena, fugitive in Dubai after being sentenced to 5 years for collusion in mafia association, recently reduced from the Supreme Court to 3 years. The former Minister was arrested last may as part of operation Breakfast conducted by Dia and, after a period in which it has been subjected to precautionary measure in prison, is currently under house arrest at his villa in Italy. Coimputata the same procedure takes place with ordinary rite, Mary Grace Fatima, former Secretary of Matacena. In short, the 13 November, will appear in front of the Gup di Reggio Matacena’s wife, Chiara Rizzo, Martino Politi, referred to as the factotum of Matacena and Roberta Lot, Secretary of the former Minister. For the other suspects initially involved the Prosecutor has already requested the archiving (among them the Matacena’s mother, the former miss Italy, Raffaella De Carolis). A process that is particularly long in the light of the number of witnesses called by the parties. Scajola’s lawyers have asked to depose the former Minister’s sister Maria Teresa, Bank officials and businessmen like Paul Pipitone (banca Carige), Enrico Braggiotti (Compagnie Monégasque de Banque), Carlo D’onofrio (Banco di napoli, at the Chamber) Billè, Ignazio Abrignani Sergio, Antonio Della Corte, Guido Rovetta and Massimo Del Lago. All people who would be able to explain the legitimacy of relations between Scajola and Rizzo. Finally there will be the testimony of Vincent Speziali, Calabrian entrepreneur residing in Lebanon, which would have been able to organize the move to Beirut by Amedeo Matacena where he could, according to the indictment, let him get political asylum. The charge that will be represented by the pm of Dda Lassiter and the added Dna Francesco Curcio have asked to hear in this House 162 between officials and officers who have conducted investigations on behalf of Dia. Among the texts also some industry entrepreneurs and 7 Eolian repented of the ‘ ndrangheta (Nino River, Paolo Pino, Caterina COMI, Francesco Antonino Zavettieri, Emilio Di Giovine and Antonino Rahuman), a sign that the Prosecutor intends to sink sui rapporti tra Matacena and clans to return to contest crimes and mafia association. . Extended text can be inspected checking site.

After ten years at the head of the European Commission, the Portuguese José Manuel Barroso gives way to the Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker, and a new team is being set up for what it is hoped to be another way of attacking the thing European. An era is over, I hope. In its farewell speeches, Barroso said that it is certain to have taken the right decisions during his two terms in the Berlaymont building, the flagship of the Commission. It boasts to have helped defuse the crisis of the euro and for having left a stronger Europe, equipped with instruments that would avoid a repetition of the crisis. He considers have warned Britain’s David Cameron against Eurosceptic derivatives and the challenge to freedom of movement in the EU. In general, Barroso, who comes from a country of great navigators, has managed to avoid the pitfalls, except near the scandal of Commissioner John Dalli, in which the powerful tobacco industry appear to have set a trap. Critics of Barroso criticized him his lack of initiative, and his habit of make sure the support of Berlin and Paris before doing anything. Or even to take instructions from these two capitals. But even the most critical recognize that Barroso had derailed the efforts to create a European position more important than hers – that of the President of the European Council, that the Belgian Herman Van Rompuy will soon release for Polish Donald Tusk. Since November 2009, date on which Van Rompuy got the post, Barroso remained the privileged interlocutor of international leaders. However, it was not the intention of the authors of the Treaty of Lisbon. Barroso has always privileged the model of a Commission in which he would shoot all the strings. Its Commissioners have even struggled to get out of the mass-except my Reding who, in 2010, criticized the attitude of Nicolas Sarkozy against Roma. In the preface of a book he has just published, which is little more than a collection of speeches and official records, Mr Barroso tells the story of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who could not bear criticism from his fellow Heads of State and Government, but said that he accepted the criticism of the Commission. Mr Barroso has chosen this anecdote to say that his Commission has been able to play a role. But is this not the reverse – M. Orban accepted the criticism of the Commission precisely because M Barroso has nothing to say. The outgoing president of the Commission was also a poor Communicator. As a journalist in Brussels for seven years, I think to be in a good position to assert it. Statements in favour of the creation of a European public space were never followed by any concrete effort. The disenchantment of the Europeans to the European project which is visible through various polls and turnout in the European elections, as well as by the rise of the Eurosceptics, cannot be attributed to the single Barroso. Yet, he seems to symbolize a bureaucratic Europe’s face and lack of inspiration that its citizens do not want. In short, it is difficult to regret the departure of Barroso. In fact, Barroso could never access this post if the ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ system, or preferred candidates, had existed in 2004 or in 2009. It would have been too easy for critics to blame him his role on the eve of the war in Iraq. Then Prime Minister of Portugal, Barroso, had invited in the Azores on March 16, 2003, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and José Maria Aznar. The war in Iraq broke out on March 20. Mr Barroso promised to publish his memoirs. I promise to buy. In particular, I am interested in the malfunctions that have resulted in the Ukrainian crisis. I do not expect a particular lighting, but I wonder if there would be elements of mea culpa. Hundreds of innocent people have lost their lives because the Commission foolishly said, one day in December 2012 that the Ukraine had to choose between the association agreement with the EU and the customs union with the Russia. It was a declaration of war. But Mr Barroso does in not realized. . You should click this http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu to read extra about this great subject.

The storm subsides not the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. In the day it was confirmed the collective redundancy of 182 members of the orchestra and choir, a Chorister was sacked in trunk for allegedly having conned the sanctioning body tag instead of his wife, former Superintendent’s sister John Damian. Pasquale Faillaci, however, is also a trade unionist of Cgil, active Rsa protester of the recovery plan and current management. And no doubt it’s a hype is artfully with testimonials fantasy that probably take it apart. Is a retaliation for my Union activities. " Tonight the first of Rigoletto after the news before the Theater the disappointment was palpable, sculpted on the faces of some thirty workers of the Opera who had gathered for a sit-in to support trade unionists with white shirts with a black musical note. Tonight, at the premiere of Rigoletto, orchestra and chorus regularly staged should do the trick, but the artists are thinking about the possibility of read a message to the public or distribute flyers. Despite this situation very weights about us and about our families, tonight we’ll make buffoons, laughing and joking around on stage as if nothing happened, "said an artist. But the protest will continue. "We will bring in the Italy Square music, we are ready," said another worker. "It doesn’t stop here. We do what we do, unlike them. Does not protect the privileges because we do not». . Extended information can be inspected clicking fact.

All the actors in this story are disputed. Hochexplosiv was also the mood on Günther Jauch talk show, as politicians, journalists, and a Berlin Imam to the issue of violence in the name of Allah – how do our Muslims? argued – in the TV and still the excitement is not abating. On Tuesday, it was announced that the titled since then in media as Quassel preacher Imam, Abdul was relieved of Marquez Kamouss, of the Al-only mosque in Berlin-Neukölln by his Sunday appearances. He himself does not talk about a kicking. Kamouss, who is as popular among Muslim young people of both moderate and extremist orientation and in other mosques in Berlin, preaching throughout Germany and of Switzerland, wants to do not call also themselves as Salafist. The term will be charged by the protection of the Constitution with a strong negative connotation – incorrectly, he said in an interview: the term is very old and dates back to the ninth century. In the public perception of a Salafist is not someone who excludes himself, who thinks that only he would be on the right path and all others. Someone who strongly opposes integration and other ways of thinking. I hate all these things. In fact you can, to meet with him to talk personally in an ice cream parlour in the wedding, will get the idea that the Imam (prayer leader) argue at least differentiated and friedliebender think, than it seemed in the show. There he fell several times the Mitdiskutanten in the word and dominated the show. SPD politician Buschkowsky is also controversial in his own camp. The 66 Mayor of a district in Berlin, who is regarded as a social focal point, has to Neukölln everywhere a new book on the subject of integration is published, not sufficiently succeeded in his view: the other society. In it he denounces once again the parallel society, have emerged among immigrants, and that creeping plant its lagging values into German society – without that it proceed, however. Something was happening, without that we noticed it. I want to live not as 1400 years ago and no Neukölln should need it. I’m not even willing to discuss. . You should check the following http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu to discover more about this interesting subject.

The collective reflection aroused by Martine Aubry is welcome, said Government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll that calls however to not be confused with confrontation. There are different points of view, there has always been since 1981, and the points raised by Martine Aubry deserve debate, says Mr Le Foll in an interview Tuesday with echoes. The States-General of the PS are the opportunity to a collective reflection welcome, as long as everyone keeps in mind the objective of our collective success and that we do not confused thinking and confrontation, adds the Minister and close to François Holland. Martine Aubry was not proposing to let go without limits public deficits and the president of the Republic has already chosen to adapt the pace of reduction of these deficits in the context of low growth. He tries to convince Europe two years to initiate a policy of support for growth and it begins to be heard. The reorientation is underway at European level, acted as the spokesman for the Government. While Mrs. Aubry has advocated better target aid to companies and a fusion of the CICE (credit d? tax competitiveness employment) with d credit? tax research, he observes: it cannot target the IECC for two reasons. First, it is not so easy to decide between undertakings subject to international competition and those that are not: for example, even on a local farmer’s market, you can be competed by imported products. Then Europe considers that aid to undertakings must be global and horizontal, and she’s right, because we would be the first to criticize sectoral aid applied by other countries to our detriment, argues Mr Le Foll. But the most important is that the IECC is used to lower the average cost of production so that contractors can innovate, hire and train (,.) Therefore should not be questioning the 20 billion of the IECC. If you add 10 billion drop in charges on low wages, there is for me an intangible 30 billion base, he concludes. . You must check the following http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu to discover more regarding this interesting matter.

BMW would have been a candidate, which the motorcycle scene would have expected a real electric motorcycle. Or the Japanese Quartet Suzuki/Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha. Already some trimmed at Ducati, Harley-Davidson determined no one thought! This apparently ultraconservative company from a country that is so wasteful to deal with nature, as if there was still time to discover a new world on the planet, is suddenly the electrical pioneer under the established motorcycle manufacturers. In the summer, Harley in New York has presented the pre-production model project Livewire. Visually matches the machine in the category of street fighter. The lithium-ion batteries to store energy for a range of 85 kilometres. Tanked at a household outlet, that takes about three and a half hours. Plenty of time to think: Would you buy an electric Harley? Interest in alternative propulsion has the biker scene ever? There, according to own leader of the electric bike industry has its headquarters. Since 2009, zero out of Santa Cruz sold bikes with electric drive. The top model has 67 HP, accelerates under four seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, and creates 200 kilometers on one charge. The zero SR. cost just under 20 000 euro The battery – it is the by far most expensive component in an electric vehicle – gives the company five years or 160 000 km warranty. This is a challenge to the competition. At Brammo for example, also an American company that only sells his electric motorcycle in Germany this year. Harley, zeros and Brammos look as we know motorcycles. Pretty much fantasy needs it for the J1 of the Austrian manufacturer Johammer. The bike is similar to the Bullriding attraction of the fair, however cut off at the Sankey. It was planted a front wheel, which is held by an oversized spaghetti tongs. Handlebar and mirrors make the most from the sheet metal dress. Our customers are modern, seeking the special, also ecologically interested, says Managing Director Johann Hammerschmid. It specifies the range 200 km, the machine has a 15 HP. In August 2014, Johammer started selling in Austria, in the development of sales in Germany and the company is currently working of Switzerland. There are two variants, which differ in the battery. They cost 23 000 and 25 000 euros. . You should read the following http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu to discover extra on this great subject.

First pitfall: stay under the duvet. Avoid the kinesiophobia, i.e. the fear of movement, explains to metronews Professor Alain Serrie, head of the Department of medicine at Hôpital Lariboisière (Paris) pain. Because, in the long run, the body ankylosis and physical tolerance decreases, pursues Frederick Dionne, author of free you of pain (Payot). Avoidance is not a good strategy. More we move more it is tolerant to pain. And more it bypasses an acute pain to chronic pain. But still need to go at his own pace. It is not to run the marathon with a blocked back. Make household or walking, he must learn to take breaks and to divide the tasks into pieces, advises the researcher specializing in pain Frederick Dionne. Relaxation, acupuncture and hypnosis are also part of the armamentarium. These very interesting methods modify cerebral blood flow, reports the Pr Serrie, also author of overcoming pain (Michel Lafon). The breath is a tool that is not enough, sets out to metronews Frederick Dionne. Or a jerky respiration induced a poor oxygenation of tissues. Where the interest of the practice of meditation, which takes back you to the moment now and calm. . Inspirational data can be studied checking the following http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu.

The end of the first act of ‘ Traviata ‘ at the Opéra Bastille in Paris, Violetta (Simona Ermonela) just finished singing ” Sempre libera degg’io/Folleggiar of joy in the joy ,. » in front of a woman in a niqab pale colored, sitting in the front row, next to her husband. The curtain closes, and before the opera by Verdi restart, behind the scenes the choristers are protesting. Send upstream impersonation, if the woman does not detract from the Islamic veil that covers the entire face except the eyes. The wealthy visitors from the Middle East are an important resource for the Parisian tourism, more and more often we tend to let it run. On the Champs Elysées, for example, where it is not uncommon to see Arab tourists pairs that make shopping with the woman fully covered in black. Police officers, who patrol discreetly one of places considered at risk terrorism, usually pretend not to see so as not to stir up unrest. In July 2013, an identity check against a woman with the niqab in Trappes, an hour from Paris, had caused accidents and cars torched. A few days ago the former right-wing Minister Nadine Morano has labeled a woman in a burqa to Gare du Nord, asking her to be the face and doing the cops intervene, he considers too lax. At the Opéra, Friday 3 October, were the singers to demand respect for the law. "During the interval a co-worker went to the Lady in the front row and explained the situation-tells-Thiellay: either you took off the veil from the face, or was forced to leave. She and the attendant have preferred to stand up and leave, without protest. There has been outcry. " The brief interview was held with her husband: she did not have the right to ask to speak to a stranger. The two spectators, as you know, for now I have asked for the reimbursement of tickets. In fact, according to the French law, not ordinary citizens to be able to ask a woman to remove the burqa or the niqab: the theatre was supposed to call the police, and not to intervene in an employee. The France was the first country to introduce a ban on the burqa in April 2011, followed a few months later the Belgium, by the city of Barcelona and in September 2013 from Canton Ticino, Switzerland. It comes to introduce the same measure in Britain and Australia. Last July the European Court of human rights dismissed the appeal of a 24-year-old French Muslim and has determined that France pursues a ‘ legitimate aim ‘. Who contravenes the prohibition threatens a fine of 150 euros and a ‘ citizenship ‘ workshop to learn the values of the Republic. So far, according to the "Observatoire de la laïcité", have been made a thousand fines, about 600 women (the same people fined multiple times). Women affected by the prohibition are about two thousand, out of a total of five million French Muslims. . Related info can be read visiting http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu.

At three in the morning began the all-out attack of IS, supported by tanks and armored Humvees. You have conquered all of the villages at the foot of the Massif, such as Duhola and Borik, in the course of the morning and expelled the inhabitants. Over tens of thousands of desperate civilians have set off in the Salvation mountain massif, being surrounded by the "Islamic State". In the course of the afternoon, brought the terrorists also the shrine of Scherfedin, the second most important sanctuary of the Yazidis, under their control and began to desecrate it. In the past, IS fighters from other sanctuaries of Muslims who follow not their interpretation of Islam, had stolen items, which blighted sanctuaries or zestört. The surrounded depose dramatic calls for help. Around noon, a member of a militia from the surrounded town sent a maybe last sign of life to his brother living in Germany: "Farewell, and take care of my children," he wrote in the message. For three days, it rains in the region, making it difficult to escape the people. Fog prevents that can land helicopters with food. Unlike as in August, people without much food have fled. Several thousand lightly armed militiamen of the Yezidis to endure against the superiority of the IS. The Kurdish Pesh had given them mainly Kalashnikovs. Possibly because of the poor visibility so far no air attacks of the coalition of IS tried to stop the advancing IS Warrior. The Yazidis complain that the Kurdish Pesh not help rushed them. They fear that the terrorists once again carry off women and children, to sell them as slaves, and that they executed the men. The fear is so great, because IS has surrounded the whole massif. Possibly also the German citizens among the Yazidis wants to take IS to make an example of them, or to make ransom demands. . Related info can be read visiting http://14a09f0515eabc8a74a20fd7ad69.com-documents-archive.eu.

in via Ripetta, via Capo le Case, via Condotti, via dei Pontiffs and at the beginning of the climb of San Sebastianello. The cameras will be placed on January 7 next year and until then the work is entrusted to the traffic wardens. Trident off limits to cars and motorcycles. Officially started at 6. 30 of October 20 the new ztl restricted A1 of Trident, and despite the premises after the various manifestations of scooter riders and controversy, and some hitch was recorded at the most sensitive points, i.e. in via Capo le Case and via di Ripetta. But it’s Monday morning, many downtown shops remain closed and there is less traffic. Instead, the surreal atmosphere inside the new pedestrian area with car-free streets and little noise. The scooter riders are still confused: from piazza del Popolo in piazza Augusto emperors in many improvised some car parks, leaving their bikes on sidewalks or in stop and stop. I think there are choices that today may seem unpopular but that in a few years will be discounted as banal and the pedestrianisation of piazza del Popolo, piazza Navona and piazza del Campidoglio said the Mayor Ignazio Marino, on the sidelines of the visit to Birkenau memory trip, commenting on the pedestrianisation at Trident. Yesterday some boys, walking through the pedestrian area of Krakow, they asked me: ‘ Why Rome can’t be so? ‘. Then a guy today asked me to readmit scooters to Trident-Marine told-there is then a contradiction when you say that a truly limited like that area ranging from Spain’s square to piazza del Popolo and the small neighbouring streets you can walk and then you come to Krakow and you appreciate a much wider pedestrian. I guess this contradiction speaks by itself. But plans to close the historical center of Rome to provide other steps. We should devote ourselves to more closure to traffic of the Central Archaeological Park. I mean, for example, via dei circles and, therefore, include the Circo Massimo-Marine-announced along with the Palatine Hill in the Central archaeological area. This will not only respect of monuments but also as an investment. However, soft start, that this morning in Trident, for 48 hours without fines-fines will start from Wednesday, even for technical reasons and regulations, with the new signage still being finalised. Motorcyclists and motorists are still bewildered by the new rules and ask for explanation to many traffic wardens to work in strategic points, while only residents are allowed access to the area of via del Babuino, via del Corso and via Ripetta. The municipality oversees the five new accesses, giving directions and directing traffic: many, not surprisingly, puzzled faces, especially of the Centaurs. Many stuck to ‘ symbol ‘ of via Ripetta, via dell’oca approach to lighten the ideas and understand the new location, and most importantly, where to leave the scooter. Excuse me, to get to via Margutta will not change even with the scooter?, asks a man to the local police. No need to take the bus, the alert response. Okay, I never thought ,, Then, moving a few hundred metres away: but it does not make you fine?, asks a guy on the scooter to a ‘ colleague ‘ on two wheels to ride di Ripetta: No no here. But the newspaper I read that they make here too. And you misread, they sent me the vigilant: you must pass here and return to piazza Augusto Imperatore, then you can take via del Corso, the more informed response. Satisfied with Maurizio Pucci, Special Projects Manager of the Mayor’s Office, busy this morning in an inspection at the Tridentino: I think the Romans had understood. Some complain, but there are also many compliments. For Wednesday, is planning a field trip with residents to see what are the critical issues and also to find more parking lots for scooters is that inside the Trident, added the head of special projects of the Mayor’s Office. Is working, although it is Monday morning there are no particular problems to hold up roads and gates all. Today it seems that there are no problems-noted the President of the municipality of Rome, Sabrina Alfonsi, engaged in a survey of Spain square-but of course you will see in the course of days if work parking lots and new roads, especially in areas of ‘ border ‘ as Ripetta, where residents are concerned about possible traffic congestion. We will have to control and monitor everything very well to understand the critical issues and avoid messing up something so beautiful said Alfonsi-whereas Furthermore we encounter to greater crowding to this area, Christmas parties, that will be the real test. Alfonsi however wanted to denounce the situation in Spain square, where there are abuses pertaining to permits for people with disabilities. Today there are twelve cars parked in the square, and only two belong to people who are found living here, the others are obviously abuse. For the minisindaco is a problem, and on this I want to meet associations of disabled people: no one wants to take away a right, but it is a battle to restore legality, there is a special resolution and it is not possible that someone could take advantage of the right of a person in difficulty to go to park in Spain square. An idea, proposed Alfonsi, might be to directly control access to Gates who enters with disabled passes. Would be a deterrent. The launch of the new ztl A1 was not the only news today for the Romans. Why just this morning, about an hour ago, this base was turned over to the city and residents via del Babuino, restyling: with fresh basalt, sidewalks widened with ‘ function ‘ anti-stop, new cobblestones and new signage parallel to via del Corso semi-open reborn pedestrianised, with access permitted only to residents along the lines of via di Ripetta, even if your glance on the street which connects piazza del Popolo and piazza di Spain is vastly differentgiven the almost total absence of parked cars. Via del Babuino, "said Maurizio Pucci-everything is completed, the end of the work initially was scheduled for 14 January, then the mayor had announced the date of 30 November, and instead we have managed to open it today, after only three months after the start of work, well in advance. The ‘ new ‘ way is controlled by two fixed traffic warden, and there are already the first results: some ladies-concluded Pucci-told us that the presence of particulate matter is already gone. . 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