Begins attending school of Arzachena in 1997, after a child lover restaurant life, running here and there in the room when his father managed Attilio. Some passages in the great hotels of the Costa Smeralda and St. Moritz and then make landfall in 2004 at Harry’s Bar in London by Alberico Penati, where he learned discipline and rigor. Then Villa del Quar with Bruno Barbieri and Andrea Costantini, which preserves a great friendship. Here he learned the art of cooking Mediterranean elements, further refining techniques and quality of service. A brief return to Sardinia before coming into the kitchen of Gianfranco Vissani, who recalls how a wonderful place, between copper, silver, China and Crystal, together with the use of the most renowned raw materials. The 2012 is the year of the return in his Abbasanta to reopen the family restaurant. Here, almost in the middle of nowhere, in a small town in the heart of Sardinia, an important crossroads in ancient times, as evidenced by the grandeur of the nearby Nuraghe Losa, tangible traces of a glorious past still concealed from many mysteries, Sardinian chef expresses its local Sardinian cooking. His dishes are realized with traditional Minty culurgiones and homemade potatoes and enriched by the wild boar ragù; quality meat produced on site, as the authentic Sardinian lamb, backyard poultry and Mèlina, native cattle breed reared in neighbouring pastures. Countless are the herbs used and collected personally by Serra. . Similar text can be inspected reading

Friday, around 11, Jaylen entered the school cafeteria, pulled out a pistol Beretta and opened fire on his comrades. A girl died, maybe his ex girlfriend. Four other students were injured seriously, including two cousins of the shooter. It is not clear why he targeted them as well. Some witnesses have also alleged that the murderous gun would jam and maybe this time gave the teacher to lock it. You will understand more today, after new police press conference. Jaylen has been described as a sympathetic, non-insulated type, with friends and fully involved in school activities. It was part of the football team and struggle. It was designated as the best freshmen. Member of the Indian tribes of the Tulalip, was regarded as "a rising star, one who would become leaders". Was posted and not one on the sidelines. But in recent months had lost serenity. It seems that was over the relationship with his girlfriend. And he vented on social networks with harsh tones, exasperated, at times violent. A change that only some of the friends had noted. To the disappointment of love he has an accident. Jaylen was involved in a brawl with a teammate of football. There is talk of racist insults. Or even a lite for triggered by jealousy for the girl. For sure there is that the 14-year-old had been suspended from school. An episode that may have accentuated a malaise or perceived problems. And at the end of the story then there are weapons. Jaylen was expert, went hunting and had just given her a rifle for her birthday. However to kill has used a gun taken from his father. The guy has imitated other school killers and tried to escape from their troubles with a bloody gesture. One way to be remembered. At any cost. Killing and taking life. . For extra insights about this matter check site.

Rome, Oct. 25 (Afpenglish)-no one can say in good faith that laying off people you create jobs. Evidently for Renzi article 18 is an obsession. So the leader of Cgil, Susanna Camusso, attacked the Chairman of the Board on one of the central themes of the national demonstration which ended in piazza San Giovanni in Rome. According to the Secretary General of the Cgil, one of Renzi is a regressive idea. Do not exit the crisis punishing work. We have tried others, but have failed. No one in good faith can say that removing the article 18 is used for growth. And no one can argue, he added, that it is for us an ideological totems. Article 18 is all the workers ‘ Statute contains rules on workers ‘ freedom, on concrete safeguards that are not ideologies. For us it is a law that applies to whoever has it, and that it should be extended to those who did not. . You must read the following to read extra on this interesting subject.

On Friday, the FSA opposition fighters from the province of Aleppo announced the decision to deploy units among even moderate Islamist groups. Previously, the Kurdish autonomy Government had already decided in the northern Iraq to send Pesh 150 soldiers on the border with Turkey on Sunday to Kobans. As the online-portal Rudaw, citing Kurdish military districts reported that they will bring heavy weapons. The outnumbered and defeated by the equipment Kurdish defenders of Kobans therefore probably until next week will have to wait on support. On the night of Saturday the fighting around the city are been continued unabated. The IS fired according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, with heavy artillery towards the Turkish border. Four missiles were struck in the vicinity of Ptolemy. The US-led coalition have bombarded in return at night at least an IS position at Kobans, said the Observatory, which has an extensive informant network in Syria. . Main source could be found visiting this web site.

The images are disturbing. Actually date from some time ago, but only now have found the road to success on YouTube, where the video was clicked hundreds of thousands of times in a few days. What do you see? ll park keeper burying themselves in Reykjavík in Iceland, recently published footage of an accident really absurd and sometimes inexplicable: the protagonist is the driver of a sedan that tries to walk away from the car without paying the toll. The man is to challenge a (curious and to us, in Italy, unknown) mobile-type barrier, made of mesh metal, from which it is almost impossible to escape. The barrier, in fact, is so resistant to Flex and absorb the various charges, making him impervious to even the most vigorous attacks and stubborn. In addition to the parking lot, the stubborn driver had to pay damages to the gate of the parking lot of 5 million crowns (about 33 thousand euros). The damage to his car are not known. () . You must read the following to discover more on this interesting topic.

The words differ, but the conclusion is the same: the rail disaster of Brétigny-sur-Orge, in the Essonne, July 12, 2013 results before about "organizational dysfunction", according to a report carried out at the request of the Ile-de-France region Southwest Infrapole CHSCT, the establishment of infrastructure that depends on this station in the Paris suburbs. Agence France Presse was able to see this independent report, confirming the specialized letter Mobilettre information. The firm Apteis, who presented the report Friday to the elect of the CHSCT of the Ile-de-France region Southwest Infrapole, believes that the accident "has suddenly materialized deficiencies on the prevention of the risks resulting from derivatives and oldest disorders in the organisation of work, in its modes of supervision, pilotage as much as in the means implemented.  These derivatives and these disorders themselves are amplified in time without that corrective measures up to the challenges have been taken", adds the report. On July 6, a forensic report, mandated by the investigating judge assigned to the case had severely questioned the rules of maintenance, and relieved "of very many gaps" in monitoring and traceability of operations on this site. Pointing a "State of disrepair ever seen, they felt the splice bar, this metal piece between two rails, had dropped for an obvious reason: «armaments has perished by fatigue, vibration, beat, defects of tightening, wear, etc.» Damages covered by the quality of the maintenance. "The document Apteis, which has no legal force, goes further in the analysis of the reasons of malfunctions:" Brétigny as elsewhere, the Decade of the 2000s saw the field operate from numerous mergers and reorganizations that have been accompanied by drastic reductions in material and human resources ", is it still written, with, on this sector, a situation aggravated by"large circulations. This report, which is not a legal document, will be presented to the members of the CHSCT November 12.  Contacted by AFP, RFF and SNCF have confirmed its existence, but did not wish to comment on it. In the previous report, the SNCF had challenged "decay" the derailment of the Paris – Limoges in Brétigny-sur-Orge station caused seven deaths July 12, 2013. France (RFF) and the SNCF rail network were under investigation for homicide and involuntary injury in the investigation in Evry on this rail disaster. . Additional text can be found reading homepage.

For us is innocent until proven guilty. We have always trusted him and there is not a single reason not to do it more now. Elena’s father, Franco Baskets, remains convinced that her daughter’s husband, Michael, is innocent.  Mr. Frank and Helen’s sister, Daniela, entrust their beliefs to the husband of Daniela: we said and we repeat, until we have a proof that Michael did this or that we will stay close to him and his children. "Last night we were with Michael. Upset: cried all evening and continues to think of Elena. We always trust Michael and of what we have always known in these nine months. We continue to trust him, until proven otherwise. Now it is useless to comment on what we are not aware. When we have the results, we will comment out. Obviously hoping, as we believe, that Michele there comes nothing». These are the words of Danilo Pacelli, brother of Helen baskets, interviewed "fourth degree", broadcast on Retequattro.  "The hypothesis of suicide there has never convinced», says the man. "I have nine months who say the same things. Today with Michael we feel, because we are at work and, despite this ugly history, let’s go ahead. At this time we all tried. When will give us the body of Helen to make a worthy burial, we will stop by the local. And will honor the memory of Elena ,. for everything that has always been for us ,. with all the affection can». Elena’s brother-in-law Baskets concludes by recalling the grandkids: ‘ our grandchildren are everything to us. I don’t even think the worst, but the kids know they will always have the most affection for us. We will always strive to make them feel better. Have already lost your MOM and hopefully there are other tragic events ". . Related info can be read reading

This next morning ends DST, so clocks must be delayed an hour, so at 3. 00 am will be the 2. 00. this measure is produced in compliance with the directive community that governs the time change and affecting all countries members of the European Union, recalled the Ministry of industry according to this directive, the last weekend of October to start winter time, delay time, with what night falls earlier, while on the last Sunday in March is starts the summerin which time is ahead and are accomplished evening long. The change of time began to generalize, although of unevenly, from 1974, when the first oil crisis occurred and some countries decided to advance their clocks in order to take better advantage of the sunlight and thus consume less electricity in lighting. Applies as directors since 1981 and has been successively renewed every four years. Since the adoption of the ninth directive by the European Parliament and Council of the Union, in January 2001, this change is applied indefinitely. The indefinite application of the time change was adopted by understood that "the proper functioning of certain sectors, not only the of transport and communications, but also other branches of industry, requires stable programming long term". The ninth directive dates from the period of summer time (in which watches are ahead one hour) and completion (when it is delayed), the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October, respectively. The adoption of the ninth directive is supported by the findings of a study on the scope and effects, commissioned by the European Commission and submitted to the Parliament in 1999. This study concludes that it has positive impacts not only save energy, but other sectors such as transport, communications, road safety, working conditions and lifestyles, health, tourism or leisure. SAVING of 300 Millonessegun the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE), a body attached to the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, the potential savings in lighting in Spain, by the change of time, could represent 5% of the consumption electrical lighting, equivalent to about 300 million euros. To achieve this potential savings, however, "responsible behavior" in the home at the time dispense with artificial lighting, when it is not needed should carry out, as well as the use of saving on lighting technologies by taking advantage of the natural light in the tertiary buildings and industries, said industry. These widely experienced technologies consist of photocells or light sensors that turn off or regulating the artificial lighting according to natural light brought to the area, through windows or skylights. Aside from the change of time, the Ministry of industry and the IDAE recommended citizens contribute to energy savings throughout the year making a smart use of consumer equipment. . You must visit the following info to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Jeff Bezos strategy finds its limits? The pattern of Amazon spends not counting to win customers, based on the principle that investors will follow. But they start dragging of feet after a series of losses. Taking into account of a fall over 8% Friday at midday, the action of the American giant of online distribution saw soar almost 30% of its value since its all-time record of 407,50 dollars in January. Frustration towards Amazon reaches the heights and we find it difficult to identify a catalyst to break the negative feeling, estimated Deutsche Bank in a note. The group just announced one of the heaviest losses in its history, $ 437 million in the third quarter after already 126 million in the second. It is the consequence of an upsurge of investment in sometimes remote areas of trade: data centers where it hosts third-party internet services, video or music online, or electronic devices like the Kindle tablet. Bet Jeff Bezos, is that it draws more customers in the Amazon ecosystem and maintains its growth. Except that it slows down: the group does not exclude that she falls up to 7% in the fourth quarter, when it had instead of ordinary of the rates above 20%. -Cures competition – the drop of water that appears to have made the camel, Fire Phone. Launched this summer, this first Amazon phone has not found its audience and large stocks remained him on the arm, causing a quarterly burden. Investors are even less inclined to patience faced with this type of costly experimentation that concerns sources increase. Everyone tries to unseat Amazon, tells the AFP Shilpa Rosenberry, an analyst marketing Daymon Worldwide consulting firm. They quickly extend international but they are subject to tough competition, especially when they come in emerging markets where rivals such as (Chinese) Alibaba have an advantage, she said. Even in the United States, the traditional signs include hair of the beast, like Target supermarkets who have decided to offer free shipping regardless of the amount spent. The media image of Amazon is at the same time scratched by several cases: hundreds of bestselling authors accused him of taking them hostage in a commercial standoff that opposed it to the United States to the Hachette Publisher, he is suspected of not paying enough taxes in Europe where the European Commission has opened an investigation, and the employees of its order processing centres complain of their working conditions in several countries. In this context, the recent rumors of a physical shop in the centre of New York are designed especially to create buzz and excitement for the Amazon, according to Ms. Rosenberry brand, which sees more opportunity marketing for the holidays than a true strategic shift. -Digital turn – Amazon seems to have heard the message of the markets. Its Chief Financial Officer, Tom Szkutak, promised to use our assets wisely and to be in the future very selective in the choice of development opportunities. Many analysts do consider nor the cause of the group as definitively lost. Those of BMO Capital Markets for example believe that it can capitalize on the success of its shelves and reading Kindle, whose owners are encouraged to use more of its services, and it effectively uses premium, subscription service, to acquire an increasing share of the wallet of its customer base. Amazon provides as well as streaming video content included in premium attract new subscribers, who then tend to buy more commercial sites for which they are entitled to a free shipping. The former bookseller online at the same time fits the increasing digitization of cultural property: Benchmark analysts note as he quietly built his library of electronic books, digital films and television series. And the recent increase in the price of premium could also eventually have a positive effect on margins. . You must visit this to discover extra on this great topic.

But also as the best equipped for the introspecci n psicol gica of suspects. Among those rendered admirers was the own Lorenzo Silva, who has personally invited McIlvanney this editing Getafe black n VII. The appointment was in the F production in this town providers flours to. The so-called father of the ‘Tartan Noir’ – honor that feels relatively c mode because it does not believe that there is a crime novel spec specifically Scottish: criminals are not the tartan to commit their fechor as – cambi all impressions with Juli n Ib ez. The first thing that surprises into the trilogy to ‘Laidlow – Extra ACE loyalties’ (1991) is the third delivery – is the depth of the reflections of the inspector. Not s c mo surgi. Conceb the idea when ahab write Docherty, a novel of 1975, set in the os 20. Tired of the rich historical themes, I apetec to get caught with something contemporary neo, decorated in the os 70. At first neither sat who was writing a thriller. You can almost say that you hear a voice, as Juana de Arco. It was a serious and male voice. I think that that deb voice to be that of a detective who had just arrived from m s s rdidos and as I was born ‘Laidlow’ environments. . You must visit the following to learn more about this amazing subject.