Cos the former Prime Minister Mario Monti to Agor summer. We were careful to distribute the impopolarit left and right-adds Monti-the truth that the Government lives up to, what does things, is sent home. success also to Schroeder in Germany. Criticism of premier In 2011 we were in a very serious financial emergency, today equally serious economic and social emergency. The political conditions are very different. Then I was called to the Government, was I not to ask. Today Radio went to the Government after having asked firmly. Then I wasn’t prepared to govern, Renzi is prepared at least a couple of years and has his dream job. so just expect more speed. Remember that Renzi mountains is trying to do his best, but realize it means displeasing. The bonus I would not have chosen the reimbursement of 80 euro as important measure. I would suggest then to Renzi to put on a website, as well as on reforms, also on counter-reforms. The counter-reforms, says Monti, are underway and include for instance the opening of shops on Sundays is doing back machine, the streamlining of the courts you’re stopping; then there that Mr Damian tries to do in reforming pensions. My Government in a few days she fielded the pension reform and the reform of taxation, introducing a de facto requirement. Concrete reforms, not slides. . You can visit the following to discover extra about this amazing topic.

ESPA a has an inner All Star game. Resounding as it pronounced Tiago Splitter and knows that talking about, because it makes two and a half months was raising up the NBA title t. This evening rival (22.00 h, four) presumed also from print n towers, perhaps the comparable nicas to the of the select n. The Spurs player you accompany an Nen Hilario (Wizards, 13 million d lares to the or), Anderson Varejao (again the Squire of LeBron in the Cavaliers), the former madridista Rafael Hettsheimeir and veteran Guilherme Giovannoni. Do not forget the brasile os what occurred two summers ago in London, that Pol mico party than anyone wants to win to avoid us at crossings and that they eliminated in quarterfinals by Argentina, fifth finally ended up taking. Last EST. We are not talking about m s. We play to win. If Espa to not the jug,. ya est, pointing with a half-smile that comes to confirm the opposite. . You can read this to read extra regarding this great topic.

Later, a second and a third shipment of additional hand fire and anti-tank weapons should follow. This should be "Location-dependent checking" is possible, and can be controlled, that a transfer of weapons there sure. Of Leyen said the weapon help is designed so that the pad militants would enable, hold spaces and to recover lost territories. In the last installment is intended as she used the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan providing a tank truck and five armored team transports of Dingo 1 type. So it is possible to track the use and application of the weapons for a while. Behind the Division’s concern on several tranches, the weapons could otherwise propagate to the workers party of Kurdistan (PKK) fighters. From Bundeswehr stocks weapons to be flown first to Baghdad to the Iraqi Central Government the opportunity to To give to check the content of the supplies. Then, they would be transported to Arbil in the North of Iraq. The Foreign Ministry was instructed to obtain the necessary final destination declarations of the Iraqi Government. Steinmeier said to justify the arms help it "extraordinary measures" are necessary now to stop the advance of the "Islamic State". The Islamist terrorists bring back the barbarism in the world. You tried, "now to tear a whole State under the nail". The SPD Party Chairman, Vice-Chancellor and economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who belonged to the circle of decision makers, said it was "one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my life so far". The leader of the workers party of Kurdistan (PKK), Cemil Bayik, welcomed the decision to send arms to the Iraqi Kurdish President Massud Barzani autonomy region. At the same time he urged once again the Federal Government on Sunday, to equip also the PKK with weapons. Berlin must guide when deciding on an armament of opponents of the ‘Islamic State’ to, Which one organization "the fiercest and most successful" fights. The PKK and its allies defended not only the Kurds of the region, but also "Christians, Turkmen and other religions and cultures". Iraqi forces broke through the siege to the city of Amerli on Sunday meanwhile. With the support of thousands of militiamen and American air strikes, the army came to help approximately 20 000 inhabitants, which had been surrounded by jihadists. . For more insights regarding this subject click page.

Axelle Deshawnhecker143 attended the Belgium-Russia match on June 22 at the world Brazilian. An opportunity for photographers to strafe in the stands this Belgian supporter to the advantageous physique. Snapshots that are rapidly around the world. The Belgians elect him illico greatest supporter of the world. A Facebook page and a few articles later, this is l ‘ Oréal hired the young Belgian of 17 years. EH Yes, burning the body this summer was the new way to impress his friends on social networks in the United States. Called #FireChallenge, this game, if you can call it that, is to use flammable liquid before setting fire on a part of the body with a lighter before turning off as soon as possible with what you have on hand (water, towel,.). This is for fun before – after the more aberrant and obsession with girls for the tutorials makeup that boys have launched the #MakeUpTransformation tag (i.e. transformation make-up) on social networks. The principle? put three photos showing the steps of a makeup following, and a last unveiling the result,. a little cheating. These before and after completely wacky seduces young Internet users in the United States as in France, the boys and girls. Root source could be read clicking the following

The CDU has clearly won the State election in Saxony, Germany. After the first ARD extrapolation, the party of Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich totaled 39.2 percent of the vote. The ZDF saw her at 39.5 percent of the vote. Compared with the last state election in 2009 she lost so easily, at that time, the CDU had received 40.2 per cent. The Union pledged in the Bundestag, Michael large Brömer, called the outcome of the election a "great result" for his party. "Victories are not normal, but we get used to turn", the CDU-politician said on Sunday on ZDF. A computationally possible coalition with the euro-critical alternative for Germany (AfD), he said: "we have in Berlin a clear views. We To want no coalition with the AfD. There is a protest party. "He sees"no programmatic agreement". Tillich, who since 2008, the Government argues, will have to look to but a new coalition partner in Saxony. The former, the FDP, failed on Sunday with around 3.7 or 4.5 percent at the five-percent hurdle. Saxony was the last State in which the FDP still in Government had been involved. The AfD was the first time a Landtag. The party won about 10 percent of the vote with their top candidate Frauke Petry, she competed for the first time. The AfD is arrived with it according to its Chairman Bernd Lucke in the ranks of the established parties in Germany. "This is a great result," Lucke said Sunday on ARD. The indent in the first Parliament of the country show that the AfD had finally arrived in the German party landscape. He can see currently no way to be involved in the Saxon Government but because of the attitude of the CDU. While the Federal CDU only last week had ruled out coalitions with the AfD at the federal level and also in the countries that had at least not explicitly done Tillich in Saxony, Germany. He had suggest however, that he could envision no stable government majority with the AfD. Second strongest force in the State Parliament in Dresden is the left party. With their top candidate Rico Gebhardt she came to 18.9 percent of the vote. This is about a percentage point less than 2009 (20.6 percent). The Deputy party Chairwoman Caren Lay expressed his delighted that succeeded their party, "to keep the CDU below 40%". She also criticized the election date in the middle of the holiday, which led to a historically low voter turnout. Apparently half of voters to the polls had not even gone. 3.4 million people in Saxony were eligible to vote. It became first a low voter turnout. On Friday, the parties had campaigned at their events again for election campaign finally, to go to the election. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Dresden, Germany advocates a high voter turnout, she spoke in front of the Church of our Lady. Merkel praised the development of Saxony and Dresden in her appearance. "For me, the Church of our Lady stays here the symbol for tackling joint in this city", she said. . You must read the following info to learn more on this amazing topic.

BERLIN-world champion in his "knowledge". It is the particular history of German midfielder Christopher Kramer. The 23-year-old player of Borussia Moenchengladbach was played in the final of the 2014 Brazil against Argentina in place of Khedira (injured in pre-race warmup), but had to leave the field after half an hour for a shot in the head in a collision with Garay. Fortunately not serious injury, but he has taken away all memories of that evening only. "BUT it’s the finals?"-Interviewed by Focus, Kramer, tried in this session from the Naples market, said: "the doctors are confident that the memories of that part of will not". Fortunately, though, the same doctors have assured that there will be no other long-term consequences from the accident. Curious also the comment by Nicola Rizzoli, Germany-Argentina Referee: "after the game, I went to find him-he says referring to midfielder by Loew-and asked me" is the final Arbiter? ", Related information can be found clicking weblink.

The Federal Cabinet will decide on Sunday the arms supplies in the Iraq, on Monday, Merkel will leave a Government statement on the issue in a special session of the Bundestag. Also a vote on the arms shipment to the Kurds is planned in the Bundestag. The vote, however, has a symbolic character. The Federal Government plans the delivery of rifles, pistols and rocket launchers on the Pesh forces to support them in the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). In the dispute comes to the Ukraine there also the question, Which one we use means in the 21st century to the resolution of conflicts. And resources can be definitely not Putins, said the CDU politician. Russia must be moved with diplomacy and economic pressure to give up. Due to the massive Russian involvement in the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine, the European Union wants to decide on more stringent economic sanctions within a week. To the countries of the community had agreed previously at a Summit in Brussels. . Main facts can be studied checking the following

His rebellious classmate Jean-Marc Germain pr clarifies that we have seen in the context of changes with several Ministers. We have m me t re us by Manuel Valls. It has int ress e our initiative here La Rochelle. Like Avignon, there is the ‘on’ o the Socialists make the synth is bats d PS wished free. And then there’s the ‘off’ o speak diff current annuities, o expresses the ativit cr. This is what has attracted its curiosit. A risk e: curiosit appear close to Slingers has gu re r ussi Arnaud Montebourg and Beno t Hamon, released Government apr s Frangy-en-Bresse. The name of Christiane Taubira was circul in the list of Ministers s threatened as part of this redesign, one year after his clash with Manuel Valls on the r form p criminal,. But no, the keeper of the seals was t e confirm his position in the Valls II Government. There are permit the French to d moralize, she r p t a for t for micros. But there is hope, it must have the courage to question and d beat. A speech that some read and activists Saturday morning be construed as support their demand for d beats. His coming, this is the icing on the cake for our movement g is r enjoys Fr d ric Hashemi, Advisor of Paris. But this is not the most important. We do not enter into resistance, we say that it must give hope the left and the France. � . Additional info can be read reading

Someone wanted the remains of Pietro Pacciani. Since his body was revived, the July 17, 2013, it seemed that no one would ever come forward to give a burial to the farmer of Mercatale accused to be the murderer of the couple killed by diFirenze Monster, even daughters. And that the remains were intended, as increasingly likely over time to common ossuary. Instead it was just cos. In recent times to the commune of San Casciano Val di Pesa, there was an attempt to ‘ go to cas Pacciani. The Town Hall of the village arrived at least a formal request to have those remains, not so much to give a compassionate burial because, it seems, with the motivation to take away the remains of Pacciani, even for study purposes. Bizarre request, and then rejected by the municipal offices, researchers presented together in an Italian Studies Center of university level, would have liked to sift the material in the laboratory. But the practice, already closed, it resolved to a nothing done and been archived with a no. In this case the Prosecutor of Florence was involved to give an opinion. And it was negative. The pm Paolo Canessa said the small town that these ‘ studios had no way to collect the remains of Pacciani, n there were reasonable grounds to examine the bones after the exhumation of 2013. According to what emerges, as well as other would have probed past times and, informally, the chance to have the remains of Pacciani, apparently for the purpose of research. Among these, there is even talk of a group of German scholars. Pietro Pacciani, the center of the story of the monster of Florence Court since he was arrested on January 16, 1993, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994, but was acquitted on appeal. Mor, from acquitted, at his home in Mercatale Val di Pesa on February 22, 1998 while expecting a new appeal process after an annulment of the Court of Cassation decided as a result of the new investigation ‘ merend mates. The July 17, 2013, at dawn, his remains were exhumed from the graveyard of Mercatale, where he was buried, as happens in 15 years after his death. But nobody confidence falls away to a new burial. And then the daughters, who look after the mother’s grave in the same cemetery Angiolina Manni, not have you ever required. Since then they have in the store of the cemetery of San Casciano and in the coming days the town hall could take the decision on whether to redirect it to common ossuary, if anybody, right, make the request. . Original source can be found checking the following

The momentum for three days, plays at bottom for Polish. It enjoys the natural support of the Central and Eastern Europe, a third of the votes. Conservative, it also has support of Angela Merkel and newest of David Cameron. With those, he shared the desire to reform Europe, even if there is more than a nuance between the three. The Russian ‘factor’ is an element of the decision, but it is not the whole equation. Europe, ten years after the entry into the union of eight ex-socialist countries and the Baltic States (followed three years later by the Romania and the Bulgaria) probably needs to adjust its centre of gravity and its balance of power. In economic terms also, since new entrants continued to grow and to reform, while to the West the eurozone was sinking in its existential crisis. Warsaw, her dream to climb to the level of Berlin, London or Paris. . Inspirational source may be read visiting this weblink.