An example? Arianna Huffington is convinced that "we all in us a centric place" have, "where up To find wisdom, harmony, and strength". Given. She leads two citations for it: from the Gospel of Luke, it borrows the verse "The Kingdom of God is among you" and by Archimedes the saying "Give me a point on which I can stand, and I will raise you the world". Now the word of Jesus is aimed at the community of believers, the dictum of Archimedes on the lever Act, his physical discovery, and both is so stunning far beyond the point, the Huffington wanted to make that it clouded their credo rather than illuminated. And so it goes: in addition to money and power the author wants to introduce a third parameter for success, namely the personal well-being. and even if she prefers attracts Manager and other powerful examples, it is to do it to all people. She wants to know but at the same time understood this reassessment as "third wife revolution" – the struggle of the suffragettes of the women’s suffrage and the ongoing to "more say in society and access to the centres of power". But even if she strikes the anti feminist notes in her book "The female woman" from the year 1973 today No more: Huffington argued not feminist or even only recognizable woman specific, but is its position only in a more decorative historical series. The content of the "Huffington Post" consist to a large extent of non quenched and tempered, only in the questionable currency attention rewarded contributions. Even if we are not To want talking about exploitation, after all nobody to cooperate is obliged: as this form of work with the new formulas of success can withstand, the Arianna Huffington touted, is questionable. Excited, she tells yoga classes, fitness rooms and even "relaxation rooms for NAPs" in their American newsrooms. Who knows, that is in the startup phase of the German "Huffington Post" employees have spent up to complete exhaustion, which this song must seem downright cynical. .

A monumental sculpture of the Spanish Jaume Plensa exposed for 16 months in the centre of Bordeaux, but a popular subscription was not enough to buy, will finally be able to remain, after its acquisition by a mysterious patron who has left available to the street, was learned from the city. Sanna, a calm female face of 7 meters high in cast iron, which integrates smoothly on a pedestrian space place de la Com̩die, had been the subject of a subscription launched by the municipality, after the enthusiasm from the public encountered by the exhibition of work by Plensa across the city, in 2013. Sanna had first been exposed for four months with ten other sculptures of the catalan artist. Then it remained only a few months, until the idea of a popular subscription. But at the end of last June, slightly more than 54. 000 euros from 501 donors had been collected, far from the estimated price of the work, 4-500. 000 euros, even if the municipality was said to be ready a contribute up to 300. 000 the city was therefore preparing to unbolt Sanna in September to make the artist, but lately a patron who wishes to remain anonymous Рapparently a Bordeaux of origin living elsewhere Рmanifested itself to acquire the sculpture, and decided to leave it to provision of public space, for five years prior. The intercession surprise, revealed by Alain Juppe this week, should be finalized everything soon with signature between the agent of the artist and the purchaser, said on Saturday at the Town Hall. And Sanna will remain in the middle of passers-by. Reimbursement of donors, already begun, will continue of course says the City Hall. .

Now everything is ready to go to the second phase of the offensive against the Isis. U.s. President Barack Obama reiterated that America will not hesitate to act against the threat of the Islamic State. «Since last month, 170 have been conducted raids against terrorists in Iraq. And now France has joined us in these air attacks. Going forward, we will not hesitate to act against those terrorists in Iraq or in Syria, "said the President during the usual weekly speech.   Obama reiterated that this is the war of everyone, not just the United States. "Our soldiers will Not in another war in Iraq or in Syria. Is much more effective to use our capabilities to help our partners on the ground, secure the future of their country. We will use our air power, we will train and provide equipment for our partners. We will give advice and assistance. And we will lead a coalition of countries that have an interest in this fight. This is not America against the Isis. This is the people of the region against the Isis. Is the world against Isis», added Obama.   Meanwhile the French Mirage, as promised by President Francois Hollande, have already entered in action in Iraq, joining the U.s. fighter raid. While Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini excluded Italy’s bombing, announcing the arrival in the next few hours by two more C-130 in Iraq carrying military aid. And he advocated-as the US Secretary of State John Kerry-a more active role in the campaign against Iran’s Isis.   .

The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels were Saturday to implement the memorandum signed on the night in Minsk which strengthens the ceasefire already in force by establishing a buffer zone of 30 km of hand and side of the front line. This nine-point memorandum, two weeks after a first ceasefire protocol enabling the implementation of a fragile truce, was obtained at the end of seven hours of talks in a large hotel in the capital Belarusian between emissaries of Moscow, Kiev and the separatist rebellion, under the eye of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). It is a further step in the de-escalation of violence after five months of conflict which was nearly 2. 900 dead and forced more than 600. 000 civilians to flee their homes. The text provides a complete cease-fire, the creation of a demilitarized zone and back within 24 hours for each belligerent of its heavy artillery (exhibits greater than 100 mm calibre) 15 km from the line of contact. This will be an opportunity to establish a ceasefire of at least 30 km wide area, summarized as follows the Envoy to Kiev, the former president Léonid Koutchma. So, the idea is to freeze the current balance of forces and to establish this buffer from the front line that literally divided into two the separatist region of Donetsk. The separatists control however only a tiny part of the Lugansk region. -No-fly – the memorandum has not ruled on the thorny problem of Donetsk airport, currently under control of the Ukrainian army but encircled by the rebels. And it is hard to see how the Ukrainian military would abandon the airport. The warring parties also agreed not to use heavy weapons in populated areas and ban combat aircraft and drones to fly over the security zone which will be under supervision of the OSCE. All foreign armed groups, military equipment, combatants and mercenaries must also withdraw from Ukraine, a reference to the Russian soldiers who, according to Kiev and Westerners, take part in combat. For its part, Moscow denied any military presence in the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk despite the information of several Russian independent media of funeral held in secret by paratroopers in the North of the Russia, citing relatives claiming they had been killed in Ukraine. -’ Special status’ not mentioned – the Vice-Minister of the unilaterally proclaimed Republic of Donetsk (RPD), Andrei Pourguine, indicated Thursday that participants address priority in Minsk this special status of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. At the end of this session of negotiations, the sensitive issue has yet not been even discussed. We have our opinions on the subject and the Ukraine has its own, said the Prime Minister of the RPD, Alexandre Zakhartchenko. After the ceasefire signed in Minsk, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Protocol had proposed to ensure provisional special status to the pro-Russian regions of the East, with local elections in December. On the ground, the truce has certainly allowed a decrease of violence but regular violations by both parties of the ceasefire has led to the death of at least 34 people, civilian and military, according to a count made by AFP from figures of local authorities and the army. Hundreds of thousands of civilians in the East are experiencing severe shortages of basic products, water and electricity. Saturday, a third Russian aid convoy, carrying water and food, arrived, no unescorted in Donetsk. At the same time, senior military officers of NATO gathered since Friday night in Vilnius to discuss the strengthening of the security of Baltic countries concerned about the policy of Moscow. The three day meeting is held 15 days after the decisions of the Summit of the Atlantic Alliance in Newport (Wales) on the maintenance of a continuous presence in the region, including through the creation of a very reactive force. The Lithuanian head of State-majord’home Friday announced the opening of regional command center of the NATO in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Romania. .

There is little contradiction in wanting to keep, protect these works. Some artists consider them elsewhere today as part of the heritage, as some concrete buildings that one also wants to destroy. This commitment to conservation has also also the owners of the walls, especially when it comes to an artist known as Banksy. The drawing brings added value to the building. Of course, to see and think of ways clash between those who consider that the ceiling of a baroque Church deserves more attention than a tag on a wall. Time may give reason to the latter, often more young. At its origin, more than fifty years ago, nobody was really interest to this artistic expression that was short-lived and could therefore disappear. It was in the logic of things. Over time, this has changed, it is no longer the origins of this art. There is no contradiction. This art form evolves and queries the company on its future, and cutting the walls for sell at auctions and keep this record. This has occurred for Banksy drawings he had made in the Gaza Strip and were sold to Art Basel Miami in 2012, during the exhibition Banksy Out of Context. The most striking example is the city of Miami, the capital of the kind: there are about 3,000 frescoes, is the heritage of the city, and City Hall puts the necessary means in place to protect them. It has somewhat the equivalent in Paris, in the 13th arrondissement, thanks to the joint and successful action of its Mayor, Jérôme Coumet and the Director of the Gallery Itinerrance. They succeeded in bringing Shepard Fairey in 2012, which has achieved a 40 metres high street Jeanne-d’Arc painting. A large part of the exhibition will be devoted to the history of this artistic movement. Then a State of places of what is done today. A journey that goes from the bomb until the tag 2. 0. they also engrave on glass with a tip that lets you mark glass as the metal. This is to prove that this art has always existed. The day where there will be more rebellion, the company will be dead. Internet has changed a little, because artists know that they are not alone and see click what is happening at the other end of the world. .

A 50 years old woman of Rimini is dead in the parking lot of the hospital after an illness. The woman was on his way to the hospital to undergo a specialist visit, but before you get inside the structure has felt hurt and slumped to the ground. The children who were in the company of 50 years old have been called relief efforts. I have looked for health to revive the woman, but there was nothing to do and the woman died shortly after. The 50 years old went 11 days prior to the emergency room because they did not feel well, but doctors having visited would deprive it of the investigation resigned. The 50 years old, still experiencing a widespread malaise, according to narrated by children, would have preferred the hospitalization. The woman in fact precisely because they continued to feel unwell a few days later had also contacted the family doctor. The 50 years old in fact has long suffered from psoriasis and yesterday went to the Hospital just for a specialist dermatological consultation. The woman’s family now wants to be sure that death was not caused by the lightness of doctors and have submitted a complaint to Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Rimini in order to ensure that the judicial authorities shall ascertain the cause of death. The judge on duty who got exposed 50 years old’s family decided to have the autopsy on the body of the woman in order to ascertain the causes of death and how the Act had opened a dossier for manslaughter. The police in Rimini, which are also present on the spot after the death of the woman for the relief of the case, now followed by investigations triggered by the magistrate. .

But a category morfle more than others: writers. The word convicts, unhappy in the page, many of them are ready to seize any pretext to avoid writing. However, Internet offering today the almost limitless possibilities for all return tomorrow, and in particular the completion of their future Goncourt. To measure the extent of the phenomenon, Cory Arcangel, an American digital artist, has created a Twitter account (perhaps the greatest machine ever invented procrastinating, elbow to elbow with Facebook), retweetant automatically all tweets containing the expression "Working on my novel" (working on my novel). Drinking beer and working on my novel. I’m working on my novel again, and it feels good, you guys. I love my mind. Sitting at McDonald’s working on my novel while Stu does some more electrical work on the RV. Up to 52,500 words now. With the agreement of these tweetos, Arcangel then gathered a selection of these tweets in a very simple design book, entitled "Working on my Novel. Arcangel described "Working on my Novel" as an x-ray of the desire to create: ‘ "Working on my Novel" refers to the Act of creation and the gap that exists with our different contemporary means of expression.» Explore extreme States of creation – of satisfaction, even euphoria, in these days and those nights where nothing happens-, it is make history of what means to be a creator, and why we continue to try to create.  "But there is a less euphoric version of what say these tweets: the expression of a fantasy completely disconnected from the reality of the work of writing a chiasmus between technologies of instant expression and distraction on the one hand, and the background of Scripture – long, lonely and often thankless work – on the other hand. Whatever the case, "Working on my Novel" shows, like all works of "curation" of the Web, the illusory nature of our individuality. .

New York/Beijing – the countdown has begun: highly anticipated IPO of Chinese online giant Alibaba wants to offer its shares in New York at the highest price. The shares should for 68 dollars on Friday afternoon of European time under the symbol b in the trade go. It could be the biggest initial public offerings of ever. Company founder Jack Ma had also stirred vigorously promote and is expected to start on Wall Street. Alibaba eyeing a proceeds of at least $21.8 billion with the gang on the trading floor. The volume could even 25 billion dollars (19.3 billion euros) reach, if the interest is so huge that the investment banks involved in the placement also access and exercise their subscription rights. As initially only a part of the company on the stock exchange is listed, Alibaba is up to 168 billion dollars worth on this basis. Never a company on its share debut has to collect more money from investors. The biggest IPOs in the United States get the credit card company visa 2008, the carmaker General Motors at his new home 2010 and Facebook in 2012. Worldwide is a the agricultural Bank of China so far at the top. Millions of Chinese on the IPO have been tuned with special programmes in television and special editions of newspapers. Hours before the anticipated stock debut in New York nearly 23 million users followed discussions about opportunities and risks of Alibaba on China’s biggest microblog Sina Weibo. At the same time, there was also criticism. Due to the strict controls on capital flows the most Chinese, it is not possible to buy shares in a foreign country. Criticized a users online: this is yet a paradox: A Chinese company goes public, and Chinese can not offer. .

-For the bear’s death in Italy there is a suspect: it’s a. c., 57anni, the worker who was injured in recent days after a close encounter with a bear. The man’s name was entered on the register of suspects with the hypothesis of charges of killing of animals of protected species with the firearm. Yesterday, the necropsy had revealed that to kill the animal was shot. The men were seized after an inspection completed late yesterday evening by men of the State Forestry Corps worker home of Enel, six shotguns and two rifles that were left, at least for the time being in the House of the owner. In addition to weapons, the State Forestry Corps has taken some feathers of the hens that a bear had killed during a night raid carried out after the encounter with the suspect. Also taken samples of food that the breeder gave him to eat the hens. The intent is to find out if this is the same food found in the necropsy performed by veterinary inspection of the istituto zooprofilattico Grosseto, within the stomach of the bear killed in shooting. According to the initial results bear would die immediately after eating the remains of some chickens. Meanwhile the two Buckshot found during the necropsy on the bear killed were immediately sent as the body of crime to the Attorney of Sulmona to undergo ballistic examination along with six guns and ammunition seized in the worker’s home. The objective is to ascertain whether the shots are compatible with Buckshot contained in cartridges seized. Grosseto veterinarians are still trying in others two shots that hit the bear; the holes found on the right side are four bear back. . This morning, after the controversy exploded for both this case and the death of orsa Daniza, in Trentino, the Environment Minister, Gian Luca Galletti, with a tweet, had insisted on the need to identify the responsible. I asked precise information about the Forest bear killed in shooting and continuous updates on the investigation to find the culprit. . The bear’s death occurred last week is just the latest episode in a long series. To launch yet another alarm is the Wwf, which asks the Ministry of environment to enhance the existing task force to prevent the extinction of the marsican brown bear.

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to expand the global response to the spread of Ebola in West Africa, who asks not to isolate the affected countries. Among the co-sponsors of the document there is also Italy.   The United Nations asked not to isolate countries affected by Ebola. And after Obama’s announcement, which will send 3. 000 soldiers in West Africa, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is to kick off a new mission to coordinate the fight against the disease.   Something seems to begin to move seriously, in other words, even if the European Parliament denunciation: the international community has so far underestimated the epidemic. And while the who leads the dead to over 2. 600, in New York the UN Security Council is preparing to adopt a resolution to expand the global response to the spread of the virus in West Africa. «By inviting Member States-we read in a draft-to abolish travel restrictions and imposed frontiers due to Ebola, which contribute to a further isolation of the affected countries. " Even airlines and companies are encouraged to maintain links with these countries. "The spread of Ebola constitutes a threat to international peace and security," he said later in the draft, which still asks Member States to "provide urgent assistance, including field hospitals and staff ‘.   One response to betray him to the European Parliament, which approved a bipartisan resolution in the plenary denounces as the international community has so far "underestimated" the epidemic and ‘ slow to develop ‘ an answer. Now-the Strasbourg Assembly afferema-the Security Council should consider sending resources to military and civil defence. And the EU must intensify its efforts in all fields, with the EU Council urged to convene a ministerial meeting to establish a contingency plan. "   In Italy, however, there is no risk of contagion: to say this is Giuseppe Ippolito, Scientific Director of Rome’s Spallanzani, reference centre for Ebola in our country. "The risk of contagion is absolutely zero, or near zero-highlights-The Italy has capacitaa ‘ to handle possible cases, but the great work must be done in Africa, and the Italian institutions must work there."   .