The public administration reform is close to the finish line, tomorrow is waiting for the final vote in the House of the Chamber, after the question of trust to be closed that night. It would be the first Yes to Parliament that the premier and the Minister of the Pa, Marianna Madia, have defined the ‘ Copernican revolution ‘. Then the text will go to the Senate, to be converted by August 23. So the measures to reform, you could say ‘ scrap the machine if the State, from easy to tight retirements on assignments and magistrates. The dl was also the tool chosen to give the go-ahead to 4 thousand outlets in schools, despite the negative opinion of Accountancy in the State. So much so that the Commissioner Spending Review, Carlo Cottarelli, thunders: If you commit so no savings will be more room for the tax cut.   By the end of October, no public servant will be able to remain at work after reaching the pension requirements, while so far could continue his career for two years. The rule also applies to judges, although with a mitigating circumstance if: for they stop only at the beginning of 2016 will, in order to ensure the functionality of the Court. Also because in the judiciary were granted extra year 5 (up to 75 years).   The public can send administration placed its employees, explaining the choice, at 62 years, provided they have the maximum seniority. Insurance record and is no longer effective, as up to it (hold then the repayment). It is anticipated outputs of 4 years compared to the standard limit of 66 years. The possibility was envisaged, but the recipe is reviewed, so as to facilitate its application, including in the audience also interested in management. Age thresholds are not the same for everyone, for university professors and leading rise to 68 years for doctors to 65.   In the Decree was also the solution for teachers ‘ 96 quota agreement. A label under which are teachers and other school staff. All share the same fate: stayed at work due to a technical error in the last reform of the pension system, whereby, despite having gained the requirements have not been able to get out. Now the dl gives go-ahead, already starting from September, the outputs, providing a limit of 4000 retirements and a tfr postponed the maturation of the requirements according to Fornero.   You switch from people to resources, so that the Government can proceed with assumptions that do not exceed 20% of the costs incurred for those who have come out in 2014, the threshold rises to 40% in 2015 to reach 100% in 2018. Links for revenue may expand territorial agencies that show «virtuosi». The accelerations are provided to firefighters, by creating more than 1,000 jobs, and for the police, for which fast scrolling of the rankings, ahead of Expo 2015.   A public servant may be transferred from one Office to another, within a radius of 50 kilometres, without previous motivations. But all this does not apply to parents with children under 3 years or protected by law 104. The general criteria for the definition of mobility will be determined, and is new with the trade unions. The same goes for the demotion intolerable: at most you can go down one step.   The dl is the Authority, order remains standing the possibility of unification of the seats, but only if you do not comply with the new constraints: the 70% of staff must be concentrated in the "headquarters". But it’s not just a matter of property, in the viewfinder there are also the positions: here is that the leaders emerged from the Bank of Italy, Consob and Ivass over the next two years cannot serve in roles set.   The halving of the sums owed by businesses to the Chambers of Commerce will be there, but the prospect is the abolition, but it will come gradually, only in 2017, as requested by the Unioncamere. An amendment has in fact spread the cut in three tranches (for 2015 the scissors -35%, -40%) method for 2016.   The gowns that cover positions in offices of direct cooperation with the Pa, even if only of legal advice, they can no longer enjoy the expectation, therefore must necessarily go out role, position for which there are infinitely many spaces (the maximum is ten years). And the rule doesn’t save even those who have already cashed the ‘ right if the expectation.   . Extended facts can be found reading source.

Milan, July 30. (Reuters Health)-In Italy the first ‘ App ‘ del soccorso, which instantly locates the exact location of callers to launch an Sos, detected by Gps satellite system. The system launched by the regional emergency company Areu urgency, it’s called ‘ Where are u ‘ and will be presented tomorrow in the Prefecture of Milan, Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni and the vice President and regional Health Councillor Mario Mantovani. The App says the Areu in a note that announces the presentation of the project, is an integral part of the single emergency Number (Nue) 112 and assures, will allow much more rapid relief. This is the first App connected to the Nue 112 della Lombardia e lets you make an emergency call with the simultaneous dispatch of the exact location of the caller. The App says Areu, ‘ dialogue ‘ with the operating system of the Central 112 public and enables a precise positioning even in cases where the caller does not know or is unable to provide accurate data on its location, a fundamental option for all types of emergency relief and healthcare (118) and the public safety (112 and 113) and firefighters (115). Tomorrow pundits will showcase the capabilities of ‘ Where are u ‘, in the presence of the prefect, the summits of regional institutions and persons of Areu-118, police, Carabinieri and firefighters, but also by all those who will collaborate to the dissemination of the App. The goal is to enable all citizens to have an important life-saving tool for integrated with the Nue 112. When the App is active where the Nue 112 (in the provinces of Milan, Monza, Lecco, Como, Bergamo, Varese, and only 118 for Sondrio). . Original data could be found reading the following

We do not at this stage stopped our operations on site on the project of Yamal, a giant plant for liquefaction of natural gas that is to be built in Siberia by Total (20%) and its Russian partners Novatek (60%) and Chinese CNPC (20%), said Chief Financial Officer Patrick of the Chevardière during the presentation to the press of the results of the second quarter. Between partners, we agreed to redo the point end of August, he said. It will take at this moment here to analyse the consequences of the sanctions, but honestly, today, we are not able to know the impact of these sanctions on us. But despite this crisis, the world oil Giants have no desire to cut the bridges with Russia, which could become the first source of production of hydrocarbons in Total by 2020. Need us more time to study the consequences of the sanctions. If sanctions forbid us from working, we will be obliged to stop work, but we cannot forget that the Russia is a major oil country, stressed Mr de La Chevardière. . You should read this to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Bundesliga, BVB: The former internationals Sebastian Kehl Borussia Dortmund resigned as captain in the Bundesliga has resigned. The 34-year old said this on Wednesday in the training camp of the BVB in Bad Ragaz. I want to pass on the baton and me this year to focus on the sport. My ambition is undiminished, said Kehl. The former Freiburger held the position at the Borussia for six years. The defensive specialist will continue to belong to the team Council. This was also the wish of the other players, he said. Now searches for a successor. His deputies from the previous season, Roman Weidenfeller and mats Hummels are probably favorites. I want to get my successor with help and advice. My attitude will not change, said Kehl. Argentina, coach: Alejandro Sabella has declared his resignation as Argentine national coach 16 days after the lost World Cup final against Germany (0-1 v). Association President Julio Grondona confirmed the newspaper La Nacion. It is a pity that Alejandro Sabella’s, because the AFA would have further enjoyed with him, said Grondona. Officially, Sabella will talk on Thursday at a press conference. Before the 59-year-old was been already cited with retirement in mind: he had not enough power to give the national team of next 110 percent. Sabella had taken over the job at the two-time world champion in September 2011. On September 3, when the final edition in Düsseldorf, who will sit on the bench, is open. Gerardo Martino, ex-coach of FC Barcelona, Colombia’s coach José Pekerman and the former Argentine international Diego Simeone are traded as candidates. Simeone had last led Atletico Madrid to the Spanish Championship and in the Champions League final. Tennis, Washington: tennis player Benjamin Becker (Orscholz) has reached the second round of the ATP tournament in Washington as the only German. The 33-year-old was to kick off against the Slovenes Blaz Kavcic 6-3, 7-6 (9-7) by and now meets the number ten seeded Colombian Santiago Giraldo, who one enjoys a bye in round. Becker’s countrymen Tobias Kamke (Lübeck) and Michael Berrer (Stuttgart), however, already failed at their first hurdle. Kamke defeated Victor Estrella Burgos (Dominican Republic) 2:6, 6:4, the 28-year-old was beaten 6-7 (4-7), 2:20 hours. Berrer (34) lost his first round match against the American Jack sock 6-7 (2-7), 4-6. Football, Bayern Munich: FC Bayern Munich initially approached his U.S. trip without the Executive Board Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. According to the German record champions, there were problems with the visa on Wednesday at the head of the Association, as well as among some journalists and youth players. This was approved, not lie above but for the entry. Should the matter clear in the coming days, Rummenigge will travel, a club spokesman said. FC Bayern wanted to fly in the morning without the German world champion, Brazil’s Dante and the Dutchman Arjen Robben to New York. On the trip are two test matches. Soccer, Brazil: Around two weeks after resigning as coach of the Brazilian Seleção Luiz Felipe Scolari has a new job: the 65-year-old after 18 years as a coach to the premiership club Grêmio Porto Alegre returns. The club announced that on Tuesday on its website. Originally, Scolari had after the World Cup disaster and the 1:7-half final defeat against Germany a break ordered by the end of the year. But Grêmio President Fábio Koff could apparently change him on Tuesday at a meeting in São Paulo. Scolari had made available a few days after the World Cup resigned as coach. His track record in the Seleção was at the end of 19 WINS in 29 matches, six draws and four defeats. His successor was now the ex-national team coach Carlos Dunga national coach. Felipão Scolari occasions, last coached Grêmio from 1993 to 1996. Football, Kevin Trapp: Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt and the German Football Federation (DFB) have just one and a half years after the fall of Kevin Trapp on a compensation payment agreed. The Hessian club announced that on Wednesday. Eintracht goalkeeper Trapp was slipped in March 2013 at a DFB promotional rotation and was injured on his left hand. Trapp could then no longer be used in the following play of the second half. The agreement, it is said in the press release, transposes now binding the negotiation results, which already that it had been temporarily made a year ago with the DFB. Shortly after the accident, euro was been speculation with a compensation payment of around 700 000. . For more information about this subject visit

The driver is supported in its curves hounding by a precise steering. Together with the sensitive gas and brake pedals, they immediately implement new commands in the Act. Thanks to the 125 kW / 170 PS strong I4 turbo diesel unit a more than sufficient power available is for ambitious tasks. In addition to the horsepower, which routed via manual six-speed gearbox on all four wheels, providing powerful steam forward 350 Newton metres. The pleasing it is not only the force or the development of power, but featured consumption of 5.7 litres of diesel per 100 kilometers. Without fuel stop, kilometres of the piece are possible about 1 000. The top speed of 201 km per hour and the speed of 100 Sprint in 8.4 seconds should be then of course back. Its customers in terms of suitability for everyday use on any compromise must engage in spite of its sporty design. In addition to the five seats, a maximum payload of 645 kilograms and the powerful towing capacity of 2.1 tonnes, 405 to 1760 litres trunk loading available still. For a vehicle with 1540 kg weight and a length of 4.22 meters no everyday values. At the same time invite his 18 inches of ground clearance for more than just short field trips. Something unusual and also with caution, however, is the insertion of the first round, because faster and only quite surprising as wanted the reverse gear in the gearbox has cheated himself. When manoeuvring on the parking lot or the everyday madness of storage should be switched in the lower gears very precisely. The parking and parking is easy, enjoyable thanks to the back-up camera and generally quite good clarity. . Similar data can be read visiting

-The premier pulls straight. After the day’s clash of yesterday to the Senate, where they were voted only five amendments in a fiery climate, Matteo Renzi will not move an inch and is ready to move forward without fear, as he likes to repeat, on reforms. The drama of today demonstrate that some senators lose time for fear of losing the Chair had been the lunge of the premier against those holding back reform. Accusations of Renzi replied Sel leader Nichi Vendola in an interview on Repubblica: the Prime Minister does not want mediation, wants to surrender. And said: do not withdraw the amendments, remain as a testimony of freedom. Yesterday the Government had approved the mediation of ‘ dissident ‘ Pd Vannino Chiti, but rejected by the opposition, in particular from Sel, which is now an open clash. But the President of the Council, as reported today the Republic on newsstands, has a surprise: it seems near the agreement with Italy to Force change the Italicum and introduce the system preferences of leaders stuck and other elected representatives chosen by the people. A change of the Nazarene Pact which would meet the changes requested by the opposition and the rebels ‘ majority ‘. Meanwhile, the debate goes on in the classroom. As announced by Undersecretary Lots yesterday, the work could go even beyond the 8 August. This morning the Senate President Pietro Grasso has suspended the session of the Senate and has called the junta for the regulation to the requests received from several parties, in particular on the application of the rule of ‘ kangaroo ‘ on amendments to the Bill reforms. The convening of the junta was urged by several senators, including Democrats Massimo Mucchetti and Paolo Corsini and the exponent of popular for Mario Mauro, Italy for clarification on the rule of ‘ kangaroo ‘, which yesterday led to the Suppression of 1400 amendments to article 1 The ‘ kangaroo ‘ is a technique used for the thinning of the amendments, which it considers to be outdated amendments similar to those already voted and so ‘ jump ‘ to subsequent operations. . You must read this to read extra regarding this interesting topic.

Kiev – a diplomatic meeting in Minsk: Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko has proposed to lead negotiations with the Russian side in authoritarian Belarus. Poroshenko had contacted the Belarus President Alexander Lukaschenko and offered the organisation of a meeting in Minsk to participate in, informed the Presidency in Kiev. Therefore, the meeting could take place on Thursday. Reason is the escalation of the Ukraine crisis since the crash of a Malaysian airliner on 17 July with nearly 300 passengers on board. Kiev and the pro-Russian separatists accused each other the shooting down of the aircraft. Fighting between the Ukrainian army and the rebels make access impossible in international experts to the scene. In accordance with the proposal of Poroschenkos, the former Ukrainian President Leonid Kutschma, the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Michail Surabow, as well as a representative of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in the Belarusian capital could negotiate. The aim should be that international experts were given access to the MH17 crash site in the East of Ukraine. The release of all hostages in the pro-Russian separatist violence should also be discussed. . Additional text can be found checking

Contrary to what some have attempted to accredit, governance and the Statute of the Institute de France lend to no ambiguity. On the first point, it is only to see the confidence of the hundred or so foundations who work daily with the Institute of France to against them the denial of the facts. If the governance of the Institute was not above suspicion, and constantly perfected, the large foundations it houses fired in the consequences for a long time. Seeing that he has nothing to dig on this side, some took to the status of the Institute and the Academies, characterized by two words that may make them fear: independence and autonomy. These two words are the essence of the Institute and the Academies. They constitute their DNA, to use an expression in vogue,. They have been at the heart of their action since their Foundation, under the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, reaffirmed in 1795, and again under the restoration. And, more recently, these principles of autonomy and independence were reaffirmed by the Research Act of April 18, 2006, which set a clear framework: the Institute and Academies are legal persons of public law, special status; they are placed under the protection of the president of the Republic. " they enjoy financial autonomy "under the single control of the Court of Auditors. Why legislators, through the centuries, they wanted to preserve this independence of thought and this autonomy of management? Because they are essential to the mission of the academic companies, which is to produce, collegially, the work of intellectuals of high level, in the field of the arts, humanities, sciences and, through sheltered foundations, to conduct scientific, artistic, cultural and humanitarian sponsorship actions. The Institute and the Academies are at the service of the national community. They enrich our scientific heritage in such areas as strategic as health, energy, the environment. They preserve swathes of our historic and cultural heritage by welcoming the widest audience. They bring to policy makers the support of their knowledge and their reflections. They work in a spirit of Exchange and multidisciplinarity among their members. This does not date from yesterday. Renan, in his time, already noted: "many countries have prestigious Academies, only France has an Institute in which the historian, writer, artist, architect and scholar can confer among themselves and to call colleagues.  "And it is in this spirit that the Institute de France working on the construction of a new auditorium, allowing precisely to gather in one place, all of its members. With the Institute and the Academies, our country has therefore an instrument unique, powerful, deriving only a small portion of its resources of public subsidies, which participates in competitiveness scientist of our country, crucial in this period, which brought more than 18 million euros of awards and research grants during its last year, for the only Institute, and cultural and humanitarian actions. All this is possible because the whole is independent and autonomous in its functioning, its choices, its commitments. It is in the service of any personal ambition or political. At the service of all, he is an actor reflected at the heart of all the problems facing our country to prepare for the future, a guarantor of the dissemination of knowledge and the sustainability of its heritage. The Institute and Academies are an integral part of our history and are bearers of the future. Those who would challenge that status probably unaware that the building has survived many turbulent periods and the sustainability of a great democracy is also measured in respect of the institutions underpinning the. . You can click this to discover more about this amazing topic.

The evening with friends had turned to drama, last Saturday. Three youths aged 17 years have been placed under investigation Tuesday, after the death Saturday morning, in Lyon to three of their friends, aged 19 and 17 years after the fall of their vehicle in the Saône. Originating in the Loire and Haute Loire, six young people would have consumed alcohol and cannabis during the evening, before taking place in a Clio that drove one of them, aged 17, only able to be able to take the wheel. But it would be lost, blind addition by heavy rain and would have therefore inadvertently crossed the pedestrian area of the wharf along the Saône to pour into the river. "There has been a phenomenal downpour and they did not know the area. The car was travelling at 30 or 40 kilometers per hour and for some unexplained reason, she appeared as if she was going to join a street. Then she sank to peak,"according to investigators. Three young people today indicted, had managed to extricate the vehicle and asked witnesses to alert relief before fleeing the scene. They had explained the next day at the Lyon police have acted within the scope of the panic. Their three friends, remained in the car died of drowning. The driver of vehicle was indicted Tuesday for involuntary homicide aggravated, endangering the lives of others, lack of driving licences and non assistance to person in danger. It has however been released under judicial supervision, by decision of a judge of freedoms and detention. The other two were also put under investigation for non-assistance to endangered and placed under judicial supervision. A rally will be held Wednesday morning at 10: 00 on a soccer field in the town of Fraisses in the Loire Valley, from which originate the three young people who perished in the crash. . Inspirational facts could be read checking the following fact.

Don’t be ashamed to say that the real problem of the institutional reforms in progress is that of excessive statutory electoral barriers and to counter the expulsion of minorities from the institutions welcome the filibuster on Senate reform.  In fact, the unelected Senate exists in other countries that consider Democrats, locked lists without preferences idem. In other European countries is difficult or impossible to hold referendum or present popular initiative laws. The only country in the world where there would be simultaneously the majority (or at least a system with majority elements) and a threshold higher than the 4% is Italy. Even the election threshold, as you know, would be 12% for coalitions, at 8% for individual lists, and 4.5% for internal lists to coalitions. Introducing this system meant by saying that millions of people in this country have always or often voted for lists or smaller parties (like myself) have no more political citizenship. It is true that Anglo-Saxon systems happens that only two independent parties and a few contending the representation, but in the meantime there are a few independent and also has always been so, but the trend is to make way for new forces there as well (especially in the United Kingdom). The Italy would pass to the Parliaments are represented only 3 or 4, a crazy steering forces and especially unjustified in relation to its history. In fact, no serious analysis and disinterassata can be argued that the problems of Italian politics came from too many parties or minor parties. In the municipalities, provinces, regions, in various forms, apply mixed majority-proportional systems with barrages of fact or of law between the 2 (sometimes less) and 4% and the problems which there are, of course, have never been caused by this reason. Nor vice versa were mitigated by the mechanism of preferences. With the roadblocks that we are proposing in Italy we never had political experience may not share but which were important and useful as the radicals and the Greens then. We had Alex Langer, the European Parliament. Most likely either Refounding nor Peter’s list. The policy would be to fight various characters in 2 or 3 major parties plus the Northern League.  The same quick 5-star success would not repeatable by a new formation that cannot pass from the "small". Minorities are useful are the salt of the Earth of a complex society. . Extended info can be found reading