Stop labeling system "at traffic lights" adopted in the United Kingdom established the European Commission opened an infringement procedure against the British Government, responsible for an incorrect communication practice: the labels on foods made in fact indicated, with a red vollino, unhealthy foods, "not limited to report those to be consumed in moderation. According to the European Commissioners the London Government has two months to respond to formal findings raised by the Commission with regard to the food labelling system English, by sending a letter of formal notice, the first stage of the infringement procedure in the EU Treaty ". According to the European Commission how it puts bad light labelling some of Italian excellence, cheese ham Pdo olive oils at first cold pressing. The European Commission’s initiative has been approved by Coldiretti, who recalls how the infringement procedure without prejudice to some typical Italian products: from the Grana Padano Parmesan, passing through other local cheeses, meats and oil: "the goal of the semaphore was to decrease the consumption of fats, salts and sugars but not on the basis of the quantities actually consumed but on a generic kind of substances. The tag ends up excluding paradoxically by diet foods such as olive oil and promote, on the contrary, the sugar-free sodas, misleading consumers compared to the actual nutritional value ". . You must visit this to read extra about this great subject.

In the aftermath of the presentation of the 2015 budget and within hours of the publication of new estimates of Insee, the Government just as Francois Hollande defended Thursday the sincerity of their forecast of growth of 1% next year. This assumption of Frank resumed after expected growth at just 0.4% this year, is realistic, assured the president, in a statement at the Elysee. I have this claim of sincere accounts, said Finance Minister Michel Sapin, on a radio. The publication Thursday at 22:00 by l?National Institute of statistics and economic studies of its new growth forecasts will fuel the debate. If Insee is to reveal scenario encrypted for the second half of 2014, it should deliver valuable insight on the dynamics of the French economy next year. The Government forecast is also legal: the sincerity in the preparation of the budget, one of the five fundamental budgetary principles with the annuality, unity, universality and speciality, is checked by the Constitutional Council. The draft finance law for 2015 share this forecast of growth of 1%, with what it implies for tax and social spending receipts, to announce a deficit down slightly. It should be 4.3% of gross domestic product after 4.4 per cent this year, far from the commitments made to the European Commission. For the High Council of Finances, independent body to assess the credibility of the budget estimates, the forecast of growth of 1% appears optimistic. It does require a reboot fast and sustainable activity that do not advertise the latest economic indicators. The High Council also criticized Paris miss caution on investment, at half-mast in the country and on the international situation. Mr. Sapin has questioned the reliability of the opinion of the same Council, which today judges too optimistic 1% growth for 2015, but who thought yet last summer that such a pace was quite credible as early as 2014. Yet the growth this year should not exceed 0.4%. -Role of the ECB – Paris already revised its copy downward since before the summer 2015 growth was even announced to 1.7%. The Ministry of Finance also argues that the Organization for cooperation and development (OECD) forecasts French growth of 1% next year. But some economists, believing that the France restarts less than expected after a first half of 2014 of stagnation, are more pessimistic. Research Coe-Rexecode Institute recently published a hypothesis of growth of 0.8%, drawing the portrait of a France that wins. Remains to be seen if the hypothesis of the France will be in harmony with that of the European Commission, which must refresh early November its economic forecasts for the euro area. To justify the greater than expected public deficit, the french Government submitted in Brussels that the economic situation was worse than expected. The argument could lose its force if Paris is accused of deliberately too high assumptions. Philippe Waechter, Director of economic studies of Natixis AM, which table on 0.8% growth next year, judge executive resumes by 2015 strategy who has not walked in 2014, to put in place some reforms and expect the global economy to go better than monetary policy pulls up. Mr. Hollande also said Thursday the beneficial role played by the European Central Bank as well as the relaxation of the euro, and added: knowing that the US economy is in recovery, that emerging countries remain at a level of high growth (,.) make 1% of growth seems realistic. It is that, indeed, most economists predicted but most economists were already mistaken last year, were mistaken two years ago, were mistaken three years ago. I do not tell you what they had imagined four years ago or five years, so we remain confident, he said. . For additional facts regarding this matter read

This is a new turn in the war between the Syria and the Iraq Islamic State (AR): today, the Turkish army could send Iraq and Syria’s military and organize cross-border operations, wrote Thursday in the daily Kommersant. The Turkish Government asked Parliament’s approval to send troops in Syria and Iraq in the context of the international coalition in fighting the EIS, as well as to organize cross-border operations to maintain national security. The Turkey is also ready to put one year its territory at the disposal of the foreign military during operations against the IC. The Parliament will vote today on this issue. Recently, the Turkish authorities had doubts about the intentions of the USA in the fight against the EIS and refused to join the international coalition led by the Americans. However, as demonstrated by the project submitted to the Turkish Parliament, the provisions of Ankara have changed. Last week, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not only publicly supported the plans of the USA and their allies but also announced that air strikes on the positions of extremists in Syria and Iraq insufficient – a ground operation is necessary. Ankara confirmed Tuesday that it was ready to participate, provided that Parliament approves this initiative. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

Getting ready for the Paris Motor Show, with major world manufacturers who will compete in the showcase the latest innovations and where Fiat Launches 500 x, the new Jeep Renegade twin crossover, which will be produced in the plant in Melfi. The SPECIAL, all novitàL ‘ last 500 family jewel, who inherits the family feeling of superminis but 4.25 metres long, offers space for 5 people on board, a choice of six engines (gasoline and diesel, from 110 to 170 HP), at 2 and 4 wheel drive. There is a lot of curiosity for Ferrari 458 special (which stands for open), the spider’s most powerful horse, but also the last of more than twenty years of management by the President Luca di Montezemolo that the will before leaving the scene. All VIDEOUna limited edition dedicated to 499 customers collectors. It is equipped with the V8 naturally aspirated road more powerful in Ferrari’s history, providing 605 HP. A series of original solutions has allowed us to obtain the best aerodynamic efficiency ever for a Ferrari spider. The special is 458. Extended info can be read checking

Assisted by a translator, Lin Feng is back before the jury about the relationship that he had maintained by the end of 2010 until mid-2012 with Lin Jun, Chinese student whose Montreal police had found the torso into a trash can and head in a public garden. Both had met in Québec’s metropolis where Lin Feng, 35, had come to study the french at the Université de Montréal. The family of the deceased was unaware of his homosexuality and, according to the witness, the two have finally had to break against the intense pressure exerted by the parents of Lin Jun found a wife and started a family. His arrival in Montreal, on May 30, a close informs him of the existence of a macabre video online on the internet five days earlier: the body is that of Lin Jun, told him his friend. Watch the first few minutes (and therefore does not see contempt of the registered body) and is convinced of the contrary: I was sure that it wasn’t him and I called the police, said the witness to the Court, explaining that her ex-boyfriend was not the kind to let tie on a bed as seen at the beginning of the video. . For additional on this topic click hyperlink.

To not transform procedure in endless debate, the Chair Catherine Vautrin refused the floor to Segolene Royal, while the members of the Government can normally take the floor whenever they wish. As explained on a blog of the Express, the use wants that the general debate allow members to express their ideas, as long as they wish to, and that the Government responds to the end to avoid a premature debate. Therefore in this spirit of brevity of the discussion that Catherine Vautrin returned the Minister speaking at latest, Monday evening in all likelihood. And Segolene Royal has not failed to inform his disappointment on Twitter: "Mrs Vautrin, UMP who chairs the meeting refuse the floor to meet the UMP speaker. "Damage to the debate! UMP deputies have not enjoyed this output: the Protocol requires that one does not criticise a Chair, a fortiori insofar as it did that to apply the rule in force. Jumping at the chance opposition MPs have pushed the incident to cause a suspension of the meeting and the convening of the conference of Presidents by Claude Bartolonequi is delivered to a development. He took cause of Catherine Vautrin, recalling that "the Presidency must be questioned under any circumstances, by either deputies or members of the Government, and regardless of the means, including electronic. One incident minor, but that foreshadows a procedure complex for a long text, and which has very many amendments. . For extra information regarding this matter read fact.

Eric Cesari, known eye of Sarkozy at the UMP, and the former Director of the financial affairs of the party Fabienne Liadze were arrested at their homes this morning and placed in custody at the anti-corruption agency in Nanterre, according to one source contacted by AFP. They were both put into question by Jérôme Lavrilleux. According to him, they would have attended, late May – early June, with Guillaume Lambert and Franck Attal, a UMP meeting to decide on the establishment of the system of false invoices. The UMP was initiated mid-July a procedure of dismissal for misconduct serious against Fabienne Liadzé and Eric Césari. Wednesday, three former executives of the company Bygmalion was charged in after 48 hours in custody for complicity of forgery and use of forgeries in this case. It’s the two co-founders of Bygmalion, Guy Alvès and Bastien Millot, as well as Franck Attal, the former boss of the event of Bygmalion subsidiary, Event and Cie, indicted for forgery and use of forgeries. . Inspirational data may be read reading the following info.

The New York Times announced Tuesday its intention to eliminate 100 positions within its drafting r, or 7.5% of the total workforce. The job losses are necessary to control ler our ts co and allow us to continue investing in future num America the New York Times, explain the properties owner Arthur Sulzberger and the Director General Mark Thompson in a note to the salari s cit by the New York daily. The New York Times has had trouble remain b n recipient these last res ann es, and places considerable emphasis on its num digital products to offset the decline in subscriptions d its paper version. In the second I quarter, this was not enough offset the decline in its advertising revenues and costs rational op more lev s: its n fice net b had decreased by more than half, $ 20.1 million $ 9.2 million a year more t t, for a turnover of 389 million. � . Additional information can be read reading

(La Presse)-Giorgio Armani fashion works the same way as the language. The words are heard from again but everytime tell stories completely different and always exciting. This time the King decided to introduce the milanese runway show of his spring/summer 2015 from a short film by Paolo Sorrentino turned in Lipari and Stromboli. The title, the same as the collection is ‘ sand ‘ and draws for the vitality of this item, only apparently inert. Of the sand he misses only the chromatic element (from white to ochre to anthracite gray dust of volcanic beaches) but rather the contradiction: lightweight tactile and impalpable sand is simultaneously rough and solid. The Armani woman next year chooses absolute elegance, rarified, where eroticism is enhanced by his apparent absence. Dominated by dresses made of lightweight fabrics that move the silhouette as the sand caressed by the wind. The clothes are made of superimposed veils his pants a La Marinera are wide, comfortable and courts under the calf with hems that sometimes swell as filled by the sea, very thin silk fringes move with sinuous waves as certain aquatic plants. At the end of the parade the stylist has told them he was inspired by a collection of twenty years ago, however, putting it under the magnifying glass of contemporaneity. And the new desire for high quality artisan products, which have nothing to do with the shameless luxury. Marco Romani. You can visit the following url to discover more on this great matter.

-The Festival of Lucca will also be the occasion to kick off by the President of Anci Tuscany Sara Baker and the Secretary-General Simone Gheri to a path of direct knowledge and listening with the mayors of all municipalities of Tuscany in the next few weeks which will affect the whole region. The first of these meetings, which aim to build immediately operational proposals is addressed to mayors of the province of Lucca and will take place at 14 at the city of Lucca. Among other initiatives scheduled on 2 October, included in the morning (at 9.30, Centro culturale Agora) glass and Municipalities along with Assovetro and Ancitel energy and environment in which it will be presented some guidelines for a correct design of glass in buildings, with particular attention to the school. In the afternoon the Vice-President of Anci Tuscany Sergio vicar Chienni, Mayor of Terranova Bracciolini, will speak to the Interregional Academy for the training of local police promoted by the Regione Toscana (15.30 h, casa del Boia, Sala Rossa). . You should check the following to read extra regarding this amazing subject.